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  1. James says:

    IE6 was well-loved and great when it came out. It’s only in retrospect that it’s crap, because it held on to its marketshare for so long.

    It also seems somewhat wrong to compare modern browsers against generations-old browsers.

    But hey, bashing MS is fun? I guess? I do feel like I’ve gone back in time 6 years though.

  2. The Web Pro says:

    The REAL thing that IE9 (and all other previous versions) is missing is an auto-update feature. IE6 would have been browser history if it just kept itself updated like Chrome does automatically.

  3. SteelToad says:

    Making fun of IE6 … how avant garde

  4. visnoctis says:

    no need 2 b ms-fan 2 say this is quite stupid primitive, low-level wanna-b-humor

  5. Amyka says:

    I still use all the 3 browsers plus opera, so four browsers that I use at this time on my laptop. It’s too many but good to have it for a test to keep update with their latest information.

    And your story is fun, I never thought people can make a it becomes a joke. Good one!

  6. SungTow says:

    All I know is that Firefox kicks em all to the back of the bus!

  7. Kevin says:

    Considering this is a comic about “How one Decides to Build a Web Browser” surely you’d know that when IE6 came out in 2001, it was far better than its competition. The only problem is that it’s stubbornly decided to stick around for far too long.

    Why? You’ve got computer illiterate people running old windows xp machines and businesses without the financial means to recode certain internet based apps reliant on IE6. It’s as simple as that.