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Great technology

UpCloo is deployed on the cloud and based upon a scalable architecture. The correlations are created by semantic analysis of the pages, following different strategies to extract meaning from the content, in order to provide the most consistent correlations possible.

The benefits

You can gain a lot from UpCloo’s services. Firstly, you get better traffic: users stay on the website for longer and the pageviews/visit rate starts increasing. Secondly, if you publish several pieces of new content each day you can reduce time spent creating manual correlations, by delegating this task to UpCloo, which always provides updated and consistent correlations.

Finally, you will have access to useful stats on UpCloo’s website, where you can check the performance of the service and discover more about what your users want read on your website. Integration with Google Analytics also offers access to a comprehensive view of the results.

Control Panel


Logging into the designated area on UpCloo’s website, you are given access to a smart control panel, where you can track performance and discover more about user trends. The UX is great, with detailed documents and options to upgrade your account or manage your subscription.


The UpCloo team provides great support to both free and paying users, giving advice on how to customise styles and options in order to get the best from the service.

For both small and large users

An impressive feature of UpCloo is that it is designed to be useful to anyone who publishes content on the web. It doesn’t matter if you receive ten thousand or millions of pageviews, UpCloo provides correlations (with great performance) and services for both small and very large customers.


Go to the UpCloo website and try the service for free. UpCloo offer a fantastic opportunity to get quality traffic and at the same time, a better UX for your users. If you manage online content you know how important it is to improve the publishing process and make your back catalogue more discoverable.

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