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  1. Dan says:

    I think there’s a developers heaven with pizza and coke and plenty of video games. Forgot something? …ah…the girls :)

  2. mosi says:

    The bosses who pay less , will go to the hell

  3. Vlada says:

    Yes …. hell is reserved for us :)

  4. antheay says:

    he..he..all pgmers leaves in heaven or hell But not in earth.. am sure..

  5. Michael says:

    Programmers that don’t comment their code go to hell! I know cause I’ve send some there my self…

  6. write says:

    hahaha… funny mouse. and an angel will not responsible with that.

  7. Arthur Dent says:

    See you in hell.

  8. SungTow says:

    Well, if they are saved, they go to heaven :)

  9. senaps says:

    well,i think we programmer’s are the only people who lives in heaven!
    without us,people could not do anything!! we helped milions of people of any kind!!
    we are the real angels!

  10. I will there is atleast one programmer in heaven :)

    Nice article