12 cool flat poster designs you got to see

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#1: Harry Potter Poster by Dangerdom

flat poster design 1

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#2:Willow Movie Poster by Dangerdom

flat poster design 2

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#3: Craft Brew Tailgate by Matt Lawson

flat poster design 3

Here is semi flat poster design as the creator mixed in some gradients into the final image. Overall, it still conveys the flat design inspiration rather well.


#4: Poster for Bonsaininja by Andrea Bax

flat poster design 4

This looks totally awesome as a flat illustrated poster. The color scheme is absolutely gorgeous. It amazes me how talented some designers really are.


#5: Whale poster by Artem Merenfeld

flat poster design 5

Created a flat whale poster design just to hang on his wall. I can’t believe how a simple idea can work so well within the flat style design framework.


#6: Flat basketball poster by Jon Dang

flat poster design 6

A design debut for Jon Dang but what a debut. It is simple and yet striking flat design poster which can easily catch your eyes.


#7: 4th of July flat poster design by Othmane Machrouh

flat poster design 7

A home made flat poster design just to celebrate the 4th of July public holiday. Simple but eye catching.


#8: Last of Us poster design by Adrian G

flat poster design 8

Ever play the popular game called Last of Us? This is a reinterpretation of the artwork in the game using a flat design. It is totally unique and nothing looks like it in the market.


#9: Mission to Mars by Nitzan Klamer

flat poster design 9

I am not sure what this poster is for but it looks awesome and beautifully designed. The rich colors and the illustration are top notch and worth a look.


#10: Lush – Gig Poster by Garry McCormack

flat poster design 10

A very nicely design flat poster for a music gig. The mood is conveyed well and the brick wood background complements the overall look.


#11: Christmas Cheer Poster by Sasha Lantukh

flat poster design 11

Nothing fanciful here. Just some nice flat typography with a fair of hands holding them. Minimalist but attention grabbing.


#12: Green Dinners Poster by Connor Turner

flat poster design 12

A nice flat design poster that can be used for conferences and talks. Beside the flat style, it also uses the popular circular design.

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    Nice and Wonderful Designs. Thanks for sharing.