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  1. TenaciousD says:

    Very nice list :)

    I think its unfair to trash these website creators. They may not be for everyone but they do serve a purpose, to allow non-technical minded people (and sometimes technical minded people) an easy platform to create and add content without worrying about the inner workings of html and other technologies (eg CSS, ajax, javascript etc)

    For those who who want to go the commercial route, they may not be the best but they certainly are the cheapest. It costs real dollars to maintain and run websites ordinary way and for start ups who just don’t have the money they provide a very good start.

    Other purposes of these websites:

    For personal (as Pricolo said), a place to put you own ideas and content for the world to see.

    For research purposes, those who want to learn about how a website works without having to shell out money, one can learn quite a bit about websites just by using these tools (eg site maps, SEO (search engine optimization), the concept of traffic and how it affects a website, how to get a website noticed on the web etc

    And lots more (eg schools website, creating your own blog, etc)

    But I also partly agree with Gregor in that you files and website are at the mercy of the others who can do anything include shutting down your website. Its a price you pay for using online web builders. But at the same time, not everyone has an always on dedicated connection to the internet, nor have the expertise to create website by coding. If your really are worried about losing your content you can always keep a backup on your computer or use some form of online storage.

    At the same time its a shame how many websites really are junk, people register and account and just end up abandoning or just play around :(

    To to Pricolo, I really don’t know what you mean by modern website. Have you actually tried using them? (just one ?) I feel you can build ‘modern’ websites and some even allow you to make money off them using things like google adwords or even paypal to your website.

    This is my 2 cents worth ;) Don’t hate the website builder hate the game. :)

  2. Pricolo says:

    These online builders are good to home purposes but useless to everything else :( Very unpractical, cannnot create real modern website with it. It looks good but in practice is really bad :(

  3. html6game says:

    I just open a, that is really magical, website is very practical, so good resources, but it also where to find.

  4. Kate says:

    These solutions are not good for commercial purposes. In fact this is shame to use such lame thing as browser web creator. I don’t know any webmaster who can say anything good about it.

    Gregor – WordPress is now online also :( Actually there is no good CMS for free. All (especially Joomla!) open source CMS are trash. Pro webmasters use only pro solutions, simple as that.

  5. Gregor says:

    Online web builders are garbage of newest internet. Lame builded, amateur ‘websites’ hosted on some weird servers. You have no files on your HD and this is main disadvantage of these services. Admin can do everything with you ‘website’ (this is not your website but some kind of page) or just delete it and you cant do nothing with it! Keep away from such solutions, good advice. Better to use normal CMS, it’s also free (WordPress for example) and have hosted it on any host, also free.

  6. Praveen says:

    Awesome listing bro, i like your efforts.

  7. Joshua says:

    I have sites on Wix and Handzon, to me both or solid. With Wix, it is just downright fun to use for simple sites. For my business website, Handzon was the clear choice. Their templates, prices and support are good. Also liked Weebly, it was simple to use.

  8. Mike says:

    Speaking for myself, I’ve tried Weebly, Wix, Moonfruit and Handzon, and Handzon is the one that really resonated with me. As online website builders go, it’s the easiest and most un-restrictive to use as far as content on the page goes, and their template editor is truly astonishing. The handzon website was actually created using their software — and it’s beautiful, which is a great testimony to their software.

    Highly recommended!

  9. Warren says:

    Good! I’ve found this two sites quite ok too :)

  10. Neal says:

    Excellent! Really enjoyed these!