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Author Rank

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Mobile Growth and Responsive Designing

2. Mobile Growth and Responsive Designing

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Equivalency Score Algorithm

3. Equivalency Score Algorithm

ESA – commonly known as Equivalency Score Algorithm is expected to be one of the major updates in this year. As a webmaster or blogger, you must be aware of how Google Adword’s Quality Score works. ESA will be working exactly the same way. Based on various factors, every keyword will be assigned with points.  The eminent score of the keywords will be used alongside the bid amount of the advertiser and this will help in ranking the advertisements accordingly. If this procedure is implemented, this will definitely have a great impact on online businesses. This is bound to bring some equality as it will cut down the ranking control. It will also have another effect i.e., due to ESA, the same result will be displayed again and again for the query entered however, the order will be different.

Google+ and Further pushes expected

4. Google and Further pushes expected

Well, we all know that Google has invested a lot of time and money on Google+ and this is exactly why I believe that they are not going to give up anytime soon. They are trying hard to give a tough competition to Facebook. Google+ is continuously trying to push various businesses and users’ to Google+ by different means. Let’s see what sort of pushed we get to witness in 2013. Whatever they are, I believe they will have a huge impact on how search engine optimization works.

Link Disavow Tool

5. Link Disavow Tool

This tool has been used for collecting the data on the backlink structure of sites. In 2013, we can expect Google using this tool further for its good. Link Disavow tool will be used to filter the new links and the links that have already been submitted to Google. This practice will help Google is detecting the spam websites and of course the poor quality backlinks. This will also put an end to random blog making just to increase the backlinks.

Personalized Search Results

Google has always been working on improving itself and one of the major improvements that I have witnessed is personalized search results A good example of such search results is but of course, Gmail. In 2013, I believed that personalized search results will remain Google’s priority. We should expect search results even in SERPs.

Social Media Presence

Social media will have a huge influence on Search Engine Optimization. All bloggers and web owners should gear themselves up for carving a niche for themselves and their blogs if they want a better ranking in search engines. A lot of focus will be on sharing your blog’s and website’s content on various social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a lot more. If your website is popular on social media, Google will improve your ranking. So, now bloggers will have to improve their ranking and then their blog’s ranking via social media websites.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is expected to play an integral part in 2013. A few Google updates are expected in 2013 which will give a boost to digital marketing


Co-citation has been discussed a lot in previous years however, in 2013, it is expected to attract a huge focus. Co-citation will be used by Google to determine the relevancy of various links. Well, I think we should prepare ourselves to hear much more about co-citation in this year.

SEO’s foundation will remain same

10. SEOs foundation will remain same

As mentioned in the beginning, SEO will be seeing a lot of changes however; the foundation of SEO will stay the same. You can try anything and everything, but, the content will always be the most important factor for improving your website’s ranking. If you provide quality content, you must not worry about most of the changes taking place.


Well, the year has just begun and we will have to wait and see how Google and other search giants change things for SEO. Let’s hope that whatever the changes are, they are for good.

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  1. Titra says:

    It is a great article and well explained :)! now only the true webmasters will have sucses to rank good in google:)

  2. What SEO masters will have to do in the future is focus on things that can not be or are very hard to fake – social signals for sure IMO.

  3. Paul says:

    There one thing that confuses me about how Author rank will affect the search ranking.

    What if you are the only author of your blog, you have a Google+ account and verified you are the author of this site. But you also have a Google+ page for your blog and you promote your content more on your blog page than on your author profile. So I can have more followers on the blog page than the author profile.

    Does the Google+ page have any affect on your ranking position or is it just the author profile?

  4. Zafar iqbal says:

    I listen to the term ‘Author Rank’ first time and you really explained it nicely. But it would be really interesting for us if we some how calculate this rank like Google Page rank or so.

  5. Great article! Always neat to see an overview of what to expect in the coming year. I’m anxious to see what this will do to current rankings on websites.

  6. Tim says:

    It’s actually a great and useful piece of info. I am happy that you simply shared this useful information with us. Please stay as up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Ryan says:

    Great post, you’ve made a number of excellent points. Thank you!

  8. Walter Mackey says:

    Great post and something everyone should read. It is hard to predict exactly what will happen but if we do things in an ethical manner and stay safe and smart, we can really lower the odds of anything bad happening out there.

  9. Done says:

    Love your post Humaira! I agree with most of your points. I believe that Google is now ranking the overall marketing strategy of a company rather than simply the seo tactics. And of course, no more black hat seo…they will do more harm than advantage, even in short period of time.

  10. ken says:

    Excellent post. I did not know that Google is going to do these all updates in this year, I have read about Google Author rank but did not know about others.
    Thank you

  11. Hamza Sheikh says:

    Undoubtedly, it is an amazing write up on the upcoming trends of SEO in 2013. I am agreed with many of your points, but I think you skipped the Google Author Rank from your list. Google is pushing Google Author Rank a lot these days.

  12. Kumar Gauraw says:

    This is such an awesome post and I agree, this year seems to bring a lot of changes in the SEO arena – for good!

    I enjoyed going through the post. Very well put. Thank you!

  13. David says:

    Great article, Humaira. SEO is definitely changing and we all must change with it so that our sites–and our businesses–don’t get left behind. Google is making ongoing efforts to clean up search and only show relevant, quality pages. So if you always try to provide high-quality content and do things honestly and ethically, you won’t have to worry about the next Google update or filter.

  14. Salman Ahmad says:

    That would be great for newbies ! They can work according to the new updates