Web design 101 for beginners

In the current internet age, we cannot expect a brand or a company without a website. Online presence is a necessity for the companies to sustain in this competitive arena. These websites will leave a major impression of [&hellip

10 Hottest IT jobs for 2014

Earlier in August, US IT recruitment firm Mondis released its list of the top ten “hottest” IT jobs in the sector at present. While this was focused on the American market, we still think it is interesting to [&hellip

Best flash games of 2013

Flash games are mostly browser-based games that people can play through the browser alone or with some plug-ins. Flash games are mostly thought of as games for kids. However, this is not entirely true. In fact, there are [&hellip

Is Inkydeals the real deal?

There are countless forums available online that claim to help people in finding great deals and help them save or make money, but inkydeals actually does that. They really have some amazing prospects on offer. They have hundreds [&hellip