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After the above was done, the site was hack free for a couple of weeks but it came back again. I had to repeat the steps as well as asked my hosting company what other remedies do I need to do. It was then that I realised my permission setting was also too loose.


How to remove the footer_top.php file for wordpress

Here is what I had to do after reading the tweet page and getting help from my hosting company:

  1. Go to your filemanger or FTP
  2. Look for WP_content, then upload
  3. Look for wp-system and delete it. This is the file that is bringing back the footer_top.php file
  4. Change your passwords for both WP and your cpanel
  5. Check that your permission settting in your WP-uploads is not 777. This would allow anyone to be able to upload stuff into your website including the wp-system hack file that I mentioned in (3)

I hope this will be useful to some of you who might have the bad luck of running into these hackers. Unfortunately, that is part and parcel of being online.


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  1. DMati says:

    Better WP Security and you sleep peacefully ;)