30 Best UI Framework of jQuery Plugins

We all have heard about the jQuery but is it just a admired exhortation or is there more to this word. When it comes to web industry, jQuery is indeed a famous JavaScript and the usage ratio of jQuery in websites is almost 40%. Also, it has a lot of new feature content plugins to offer to its users’, which makes it more popular. Apart from all this, the new developments are always seen in the jQuery plugins and we see new plugins being introduced almost every other day.

For web designers’, life isn’t easy because they have to design something through which they can satisfy their customers but satisfying anyone is the biggest challenge ever. Although it isn’t easy but jQuery makes things somewhat easier as it is among the names of the famous and most used script libraries. The good thing is that jQuery is being used by some well known names, which makes it reliable.

If you are a website owner or a blogger, you will openly admit that jQuery plugins play a important role in improving the performance of your website or a blog. Apart from this, these plugins might help you in making your website look better. Now, that we have said enough about jQuery, we will list down some of the best jQuery plugins for your convenience. You can use the ones that are suitable for your website or blog.

1. turnjs

1. turnjs

The best thing about turnjs is that it occupies less than 15KB space. Also, it will make your website’s content look more real. It has been specifically introduced for HTML5 applications. Also, it can accommodate other devices such as tablets, android, iPhone and smartphones, of course.

2. ddSlick

2. ddSlick

Again, dd slickis a plug-in that does not take much of a space. It is used to creating dropdown boxes and the best thing is that you can create dropdowns with both, text and images.

3. Sparklines

3. Sparklines

If you want to add some graphs in your website, this plug-in will help you in doing so. Creating inline charts was never this easy.

4. Slidesjs

4. Slidesjs

With this plug-in, you can easily create a slideshow. Although, it will be a simple one with the usual features but it can be created with utmost ease.

5. Zoomy

5. Zoomy

As the name suggest, this plugin will allow you to magnify pictures easily. So, get Zoomy and get into details of any picture.

6. Spritely

6. Spritely

In order to create animated characters or backgrounds, spritely is a great jQuery plugin that you can go for. It won’t take much space and will make your website a lot interesting.

7. Hover Intent

7. Hover Intent

This jQuery plug-in works as per user’s intent and by this I mean according to the mouse movement of the user.

8. gMap

8. gMap

Google maps are pretty much popular these days and if you want to add them in your website, this plugin will help you in doing so. Also, it allows you to customize things according to your requirements.

9. Jeditable

8. Jeditable

For this plugin, you will need only a few coded lines of JavaScript and once embedded, you can use it for editing the content of your website.

10. prettyPhoto

9. prettyPhoto

I would personally recommend this plugin to everyone who uses images of various formats and flashy videos in their website. It supports all sorts of images and browsers. Also, setting it up is totally hassle free.

11. Ajax fancy captcha

10. Ajax fancy captcha

This is important plugin because it saves you from various spammers. It allows you to easily create captcha and because of that, your website can be saved from spammers.

12. Star Rating plugin

11. Star Rating plugin

If you want to create a rating functionality in your website, this is the plugin for you.

13. Pagination

12. Pagination

This plugin is to add a page number feature to your website. So, if your website has a lot of pages use this plugin and make things easier for your users’.

14. Tablesorter 2.0

13. Tablesorter 2.0

If you have tables in your website, you can easily sort them out with this plugin. The best thing is that with the help of this plugin, you can even sort out any sort of a linked data.

15. Fullcalendar

14. Fullcalendar

If you want to create a customized drag-drop calendar, this is the best plugin for you. Since it is customizable, you can easily modify it as per your needs and requirements.

16. DatePicker

15. Date Picker

You can easily select certain dates with the help of this plugin. With the help of its input field, you can pick a date with ease.

17. jLy1

16. jLy1

Sharing URLs is always important and fun however, it is easier if they URLs are short. So, with the jLy1 plugin, you can shorten the URL and share as much as you want.

18. Tocify

17. Tocify

Table of contents are no longer limited to books. They are being used in websites as well and this plugin will help you in achieving that.

19. Noty

18. Noty

By using this plugin, you can easily create little notes, alert messages, pop-up errors and relevant things. It is considered very important because displaying error messages for users’ convenience is very important.

20. jScrollbar

19. jScrollbar

As the name suggests, you can add a scrollbar and that too, a customized one with this plugin.

21. idTabs

20. idTabs

Want to add tabs to your website? Get this plugin and do it easily. Although a lot of similar plugins are available but this one is by far the convenient one.

22. Progress bar plugin

21. Progress bar plugin

The name is pretty much self explanatory. This plugin is normally used to show the loading progress of anything related to website.

23. Color Picker

23. Color Picker

You might have seen color picker in Photoshop and various photo editors and now with this plugin, you can add them to your website.

24. qTip

25. jqGrid

This is basically a tooltip plugin and this is one of those plugins that are user friends and have lots of useful features to offer.

25. jqGrid

25. jqGrid

If you want to insert grids in your website, this plugin will help you in doing so. You can also toggle between the both sides of the pages.

26. Kendo UI

26. Kendo UI

The interface of Kendo UI is a programming one. Along with this, MVVM framework and other great features make it the most wanted in developers’ world.

27. Shadow

27. Shadow

Creating shadow and drop shadow images just got easier and by creating these, the images on your website will look very attractive.

28. Calx

28. Calx

Calculation can be created from this plugin. A lot of development has been done even since the initial version.

29. BackToTop

29. BackToTop

Just as the name suggests, this plugin will give an option to take you directly to the top of the page from bottom.

30. Autosize

30. Autosize

You can resize the text on your website with this plugin.


The whole credit for jQuery’s success goes to the developers for sure. With all the good things that developers have been getting out of it, I am sure jQuery will go a long way.


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