21 Amazing Examples of Droste Effect Photos

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  1. slvl says:

    While they’re nice pics they’re not really the Droste effect, except for the first two.

    The Droste effect is named so for the following reason. Droste is a Dutch cocoa company. They sold their cocoa in a tin with a picture of a lady holding a trey with a cup of hot chocolate and the can of Droste on it (which in turn had the same image on it)

    Here’s an image of the can.

  2. agnes says:


  3. Leo says:


  4. Jim says:

    very cool—i never knew what this effect was called before. i really like the bike tire image..

  5. Rise Art says:

    Interesting, I did not know why it was called Droste Effect – thanks for sharing!

  6. adhi says:

    amazing work… I like that, especially the classic clock picture…

  7. forex robot says:

    What a great resource!

  8. Jim says:

    these are so cool- you can easily get lost in these images…