6 ways a designer can get natural links for his client’s website

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#1: Submit to website showcase galleries

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#2: Create linkable design resource

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#3: Have a portfolio section on your business site

If you have been designing for a while, you will have a list of past clients. You can list them out in your portfolio section and ask them to link to this section on their website’s footer. Over time, this portfolio page will have both link power and traffic. For any new clients you have, just listing their website here will give them a natural link to start.


#4:  Share designs on social websites

You can share your client’s website design on numerous social sharing sites such as Dribbble, Behance, DeviantArt etc. All these not long gives the website a natural link but it may encourage other designers to link to your client’s website when they want to highlight a particular design that you did.


#5: Create sections within the design site for content

The best way to attract links is through content. As designers, we should create space within our design to allow more text to be accommodated.  Whether the clients will eventually populate these areas with great content is their choice but we should plan ahead for them.  Examples of such sections include a FAQ, a blog, production description, company history,  industry news etc.


#6: Introduce clients to each other

You can always let your clients ask for from each other. This need not be spammy. For example,  one client can provide guest articles for others if the information is relevant. Alternatively, they can also cross promote each others related services, which will earn them a link in the process.


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  1. jon says:

    yet but getting quality links is getting harder and harder as Google continues to disseminate disinformation to scare website owners into thinking that making out to other websites is dangerous. Links are what connect the the web and are important. links are not just important for search engine marketing but that’s how people discover content is through links so instead of building links for Seo just build links to drive traffic

  2. Sushil Rajput says:

    Enjoyed this post but would have appreciated more information on the whether or not some of the links sources above are DoFollow or not (for instance, Pinterest use to be DoFollow and was a great source of links until they changed it).

  3. spencer says:

    Looks like your link building tips is old but it does unique from what i’ve learnt of. I am usually sharing on few social network site such as fb, twitter or pinterest and of course, nothing to happen. Let me try yours once