10 Ways To Hurt Your Career As a Web Developer

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Giving away a false impression:

Giving away a false impression

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Adhering to comfortable technologies:

Adhering to comfortable technologies

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Know When to Speak:

Know When to Speak

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Less Networking:

Less Networking

As a developer you must attend conferences and different workshops because it provides you a great opportunity to learn about what is new in the industry. Apart from this, it is indeed a great way to get to know other developers. You cannot distant yourself from fellow developers because it will make your survival a lot difficult within the developing industry. You must try your level best to build and maintain relationships with your competitor developers. Once you maintain relationships with fellow developers, you will see that it is a great source for referrals. Not only other developers can help you get some new work, they will also help you with your problems. Developers’ industry appears to be very friendly and believes in a healthy competition. So, less networking will definitely affect and damage your career.

Avoid Showering ‘Friends & Family’ With Favors:

Avoid Underbidding Projects

Well, if any of your relative or friend is about to launch an online business, it is but obvious that they will call you for a favor. In such situations, you should learn to say No because it can make things difficult for you. You will have to specially take out time for their work and you won’t be getting any money as well. This will also affect your paid work and if your client’s work will suffer because of personal favors, it is not very good with your career.

Yes, saying ‘No’ might affect your personal relationships but you have to make your family and friends understand the difference between personal and professional favor. If you thing that project is interesting, then take it but make sure that you do it under strict guidelines and also charge an amount for it. Charging minimum fees for doing their work will also let them know that you are a thorough professional and you have lots of work on your plate as well and you cannot afford favors.

Do not act Unprofessional:

Do not act Unprofessional

If you are acting unprofessional, it can really hurt your career. Stay a true professional and avoid any sort of unprofessionalism. Clients’ do not like unprofessional people and if you ended up acting unprofessional once, they might never come back to you with more work.

Avoid Underbidding Projects:

When you are a fresher, you must have had underbid a project just for the sake of getting a project. As a fresher it is okay however, I have seen a lot of experienced developers underbidding as well.  You can give multiple reasons for underbidding however, I would never recommend underbidding a project regardless of how needy you are.

Always keep in mind that if a client is underpaying you, it will only undervalue you. Underbidding projects will make you an option and not a professional. In order to be successful, you should never ever underbid a project as it will affect your reputation in the market. Apart from all this, it will also water down the market. Undercutting your competitors with lower prices will make you lose your respect. So, do not underbid a project.

Team Player:

Team Player

There will be numerous times when you will have to work with a team. Learn to be a team player if you want to be successful and if you want multiple opportunities coming your way. Everyone likes a friendly colleague so be helpful and stay friendly. You would not want to be labeled as someone who cannot work with others because in such scenarios people will avoid working with you and you will have no work at all.

No Marketing Tactics:

Can you imagine a web developer without his own portfolio’s website? This definitely sounds odd but such developers do exist. If you really want to succeed you should market yourself because this will definitely help in your growth as a freelancer. There are multiple ways to market your business so if you have a portfolio does not mean you should stick only to portfolio.

No marketing tactics will definitely affect your career so learn various techniques. You can always contribute posts for other blogs, comment on forums and promote yourself through various platforms. Although marketing has become really cheap thanks to social networking websites and other online platforms but sometimes you will have to spend some money as well along with the time. So, failing to market is one of the ways that can damage your career so promote yourself.

Forgetting the developer’s responsibility:

Forgetting the developers responsibility

As a developer you should always remember the reasons behind your hiring. A client hires a developer because he lacks technical knowledge and he cannot do the task on his own. Being a developer it is your responsibility to educate your client because they do not know the technical terms so make them understand in a layman language. You might come across a client who is not at all interested in learning how his web is being developed and it can be frustrating but this is where you should take your responsibility and make them understand because this is your why you were hired. If you forget why you were hired, it can seriously damage your career.


There would be a lot of ways through which you can develop a career but at the same times, there are a lot of ways through which you can damage your career as well. As a developer, you should avoid above mentioned things to protect your career from any sort of damage.

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  1. ilija says:

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    I like the part when saying no to relationships….I have that expirience and it is not nice. :D

  2. Nathan says:

    I feel like underbidding is the #1 way to destroy your career. Underbidding makes you look bad and creates a bad relationship because clients will feel like your nickeling and dime’ing them if you start charging them more money than you quoted for functionality that was agreed upon.

  3. Saikul Islam says:

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