6 WordPress Plugins that Automatically Watermark Your Images

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6. Watermark My Image


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5. Scissors and Watermark WordPress Plugin

Scissors and Watermark

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4. Bulk Watermark Plugin

Bulk Watermark Plugin

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3. Transparent Image Watermark

Transparent Image Watermark

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2. Watermark Reloaded WordPress Plugin

Watermark RELOADED

This does more that automatically watermarking all the images you upload; but also gives you the capability to create watermarks with a variety of fonts and then apply it to images of various sizes from thumbnail, full size, medium or large images just by positioning the watermark.

1. Easy Watermark

This plugin allows you to add image watermark to every single image or all the images from your library at once. It can also be configured to automatically watermark png.gif or jpg image, set the watermark opacity, or upload it before installing the plugin.

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  1. Anjum Hashir says:

    Great share mate. watermark plugin is very useful and its safe much time for edit image. This plugin really works for me. Best WordPress Plugin for Watermarking. Thanks.

  2. Mohi Uddin says:

    Thank you for sharing this useful and beautiful plugin, I was searching about Watermarking plugin, and now found and using 3rd one auto watermarking all. This is a collection of free WordPress plugin.I think this plugins helpful for all bloggers. So thanks

  3. Umer Rock says:

    Thank you for sharing this, i was searching about Watermarking plugin, and now found and using 3rd one auto watermarking all.

  4. Liam Dang says:

    This is a collection of free WordPress plugin. You should add a few plugins from ThemeForest. I think better use there. I found many plugins for auto Watermark image on TF

    Liam Dang.