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#1: Atom text editor

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#2: Renamy – Rename multiple layers at once

cool tools roundup 3-2

Renamy is a nice little photoshop plugin that allows you to rename different layers in one go. It is a huge time saver if you are a big photoshop user. Currently, the site is offering a free and paid version so you get to try it first before making any purchase.


#3: Type-finder

cool tools roundup 3-3

If you need a tool to help you find some of the more famous font types, this web application will be for you. It is very simple to use although the library is not as big yet.


#4: Bucky

cool tools roundup 3-4

Bucky is an open source tool that can help you to monitor your users online. It does so by monitoring your users activity from a browser perspective. All you need to do is insert a script into your page or you can even monitor the source code to get the kind of analytic you want for your website.


#5: Copy-Fill-Color

cool tools roundup 3-5

I covered 9 useful sketch plugins a couple of weeks ago but I missed this one. Copy-fill-color is a great tool for copy the colors and place it in your clipboard for pasting into another layer. It can saves you lots of valuable time and I recommend it strongly for those who like to use the sketch app.


#6: Sublimall

cool tools roundup 3-6

Sublimall is like the Xmark for your SublimeText configuration. It saves your setting and have them ready for you whenever you are login to the plugin. It is free to download and is a useful utility to have, especially if you need to work on separate devices.


#7: Pagesnap

cool tools roundup 3-7

Pagesnap is a set and forget kind of tool that I loved. It helps you to take monthly screenshots of any urls automatically. This is useful if you want to track any url’s design changes. For example, you might want to have a history of your own work over the years. This tool can help you to do that on autopilot.

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