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The photos of Dreamstime


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Extremely affordable

The minimal cost at which credits are available to the users in this site is the 9.99$ and anyone will be able to meet up with this expense. Once the credit points are brought it is valid for at least one year for buying photographs.

The two most unique features of Dreamstime

Firstly, some of the stock photos of Dreamstime.com can be edited according to the need of the clients. Secondly, once you buy the photograph from the site you are also purchasing the copyright of the photograph along with it. Therefore, it becomes exclusive for your site and no one will be able to use it without prior permission.

Thus it is the by far the best photo stock gallery which is open to the buyers as well as the sellers. Register with the site for free and enjoy the unlimited advantages that the members enjoy. The subscribers also enjoy the opportunity to participate in the blogs of this photo stock site and get to know about the latest development.

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  1. Finity says:

    Hi, I just think I should mention that not always you get copyright with the photography…there’s an option for that, you pretty much get to use the photo the way you like, but it can be sold again, and again…

    Depending on the licence you buy the photo with…