35 Beautiful Examples Of Shadow Photography

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Shadows of summer

Shadow games



Winter light and shadow

walking shadow

Shadow bike…

Shadowed land by John Parminter.

Sunset Boulevard


Gallop Through a Shadow

shine & shadow

Tired shadow


Angela Bacon-Kidwell

Urban fragments

Shadows on Night


Moon Shadow Bridge

Star Child

Shadows’ Meeting


Moth Shadow

Self Portrait

Tree and shadow

Shadows on the wall

Dragonfly – shadow

Reflections and Shadows

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  1. Pixntxt says:

    Birdcages in shadow.

  2. The “Time” image reminds me of Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”.

  3. Rajesh Arya says:

    Stunning images … “Shine & shadow” is one of my favorite. Really a piece of Art. Thanks for sharing. Love to share with friend & family.

  4. Direct Axis says:

    This was my first experience with shadow photography…and I LOVE IT! Definitely going to attempt getting a great shadow photo. I will be endlessly proud of myself if I can achieve 10% of what these photographers achieved. Great blog-LOVE IT!

  5. wonderful shadow photography!i simply stumbled upon!and will share with my friends!

  6. Oh I love Walking shadow and Sunset Boulevard! Amazing set of photography of own of my own favourite genres, thanks for sharing!

  7. Eva i Aten says:

    Stunning photographs!

  8. Vinod says:

    incredible collections.

  9. Tyciol says:

    Beautiful stuff. I wonder if pages like these will stick around?

  10. gregdmorgan says:

    how did you do this. very good.

  11. Jeeff says:

    We had a painter in our “Kirpi” magazine in Azerbaijan named Gayyum.
    I thought you’re this person

  12. DTX says:

    Wow.. Amazing stills. Too good. Thanks for the share.

  13. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  14. EL says:

    amazing…simply beautiful

  15. Angelo says:

    Very inspiring.

  16. Pradeep says:

    some beautiful pics there!

  17. Jodi White says:

    Some of these are very interesting. I especially like the one with the birds and the trees. Fabulous!

  18. Steve says:

    Evocative of Summer, long afternoon shadows with that golden light, can’t beat it for great shots.

  19. Randy Straw says:

    Shawdow Games reminds me of Alaska. I love it

  20. jinhi says:

    good, thank you, but i has a problem to down it, i want to use make my desktop computer

  21. Mike Lawson says:

    Fun stuff!

  22. Peta_de_Aztlan says:

    Shadows are silent witnesses of our whole life experience. Proof of life, proof of existence.

  23. John says:

    Great photos. I like how the title brought the one of the bird in the water to life. “Shark Attack” was perfect!

  24. Fernando says:

    Nice shots, however LOTS of those are not “Shadows” and are in fact “Reflections”