8 Must see bootstrap wordpress framework

With the popularity of  Boostrap, theme developers are looking to see how to use it to develop wordpress themes. This is where bootstrap wordpress framework becomes handy. These starter kits or frameworks provide a base level of codes [&hellip

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Want great Icons? Try Streamline icons

Spend some time in the online world and you will find one word cropping up again and again – “consistency”. They will tell you to publish articles on your blog on a consistent basis, work hard consistently, and [&hellip

Web design 101 for beginners

In the current internet age, we cannot expect a brand or a company without a website. Online presence is a necessity for the companies to sustain in this competitive arena. These websites will leave a major impression of [&hellip

Best freelance job boards for 2014

As freelance designers and developers, we do want high quality work rather than cheap sweatshop labor. Unfortunately, places such as  Elance and Fiverr has significantly impact how much freelancers can earn. The best option then is to look [&hellip

11 stunning black and white photography art

It has been a long time since I profile some photography articles. For this blog post, I liked to showcase some absolutely gorgeous photography artwork that has become more popular among trendy home owners. Unlike canvas painting, photography [&hellip

10 Hottest IT jobs for 2014

Earlier in August, US IT recruitment firm Mondis released its list of the top ten “hottest” IT jobs in the sector at present. While this was focused on the American market, we still think it is interesting to [&hellip