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Issues facing business technology today

As business information and communication technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, we are constantly faced with new issues regarding the use of this new technology. Unfortunately, technological advances often come at a price. For example, applications [&hellip

Zappy themes giveaway

Zappy Themes, A Premium WordPress Theme providing Company offering amazing designs that promises to portray your imaginations in reality. Every theme ensures quality and security which they consider to be important in customer point of view. Also the themes are [&hellip

Technology in the Workplace

While I certainly would never say that running a business is an easy task, I would say that it is a task that is becoming “easier”. Not more than ten years ago entrepreneurs were saddled with an insurmountable [&hellip

Check out the Cherry Framework for WordPress

Template Monster have been in online business since 2002 and have one of the largest libraries online for website templates. Presently they have more than 20,000 themes and a large portion of them are WordPress themes. Presently I [&hellip

9 useful sketch plugins you need to see

The Sketch app is one of the most exciting productivity app for designers. It has a gorgeous interface for graphic designers to create professional vector graphics. It really is a nice tool if you like working on your [&hellip