5 Websites for smart home enthusiasts

The Internet of Things (IoT), the technology behind smart homes, is ever growing and evolving. And let’s face it, the smart home trend is picking up quickly. Many people want to get in on the trend to make [&hellip

The benefits of remote working for businesses

Thanks to high-speed Internet and remote devices such as tablets and smartphones, an increasing number of individuals are now working remotely. While the benefits for employees have been well documented, there are numerous advantages that can be enjoyed [&hellip

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Why page load time matters

You may not pay a whole lot of attention to your site’s page load time. As long as your site looks great and eventually loads, you’re good to go, right? Unfortunately, that’s not actually the case. You want [&hellip

Is your child bullied online?

Teen suicides have become common and the biggest reason for this issue is cyber bullying. There are many physical and emotional issues involved with cyber bullying and Internet has laid a negative platform for some kids to get [&hellip

10 charities donation & auction WP theme

There are so many charities are out there across the world, just like all people located close together and a person who has any occupation they need to legitimize and maintain their superiority to the online public. By [&hellip

Benefits of using employee monitoring software

For working professionals, there are no boundaries anymore between technologies they use for business and the ones they use for pleasure. Alsobusinesses large and small nowadays have to watch their bottom lines and no one wants to suffer [&hellip