Sydney leads the way with world class web design and digital agencies

Sydney has long been known as a global hub of business, as well as having one of the biggest multicultural populations, but it’s starting to gain recognition for something else which is a bit more unexpected. When it comes to web design and digital agencies, Sydney is home to some of the biggest talents in the industry.

Award Winning Talent

Several agencies to watch call Australia their home, or at least have a sizeable outpost in the harbour city. The companies have won various awards globally in both digital advertising and web design, as well as for overall creativity. Some to keep an eye out for include;

Clemenger BBDO – This web design agency was one of the most awarded agencies in the digital world as of 2014. With a heavy focus on creativity, this agency has worked with some well-known brands and is gaining international recognition. Their Sydney team continue to trail blaze in this global consortium.

Leo Burnett – This global network won a record 69 Lions across 18 award categories and 16 global offices at the 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. They were also placed as one of the top three most awarded networks in the world as of 2014.

Mango – Mango is a social media and public relations agency that’s part of the larger, award winning DDB. They made a splash at 2014 Cannes with work they did for McDonalds, as well as earned themselves the number one public relations firm award for AdNews.

Havas Media – Havas Media is one of the newer international firms on the Sydney scene, but they’ve already made a splash by recruiting former Naked agency front man, Mike Wilson. Wilson will be working with blue chip clients like LG Electronics and Emirates and is sure to make Havas Media a powerhouse firm in the future.

Magicdust – With a memorable name, web design company Magicdust dominate the web design space in Australia’s burgeoning small business market. They were also featured on the BRW Fast 100 list in 2012. As one of the most experienced WordPress development agencies in Australia, the Sydney web designers they’ve got working on their books are redefining the way small business websites are designed so they’re both customised and focused on usability yet remain affordable.

While these are only five of the top agencies to watch in Australia, there are many more that are quickly turning Australia into one of the top places for major brands to find the digital and web design services of the highest calibre. One thing you might notice is that these agencies also tend to have offices in Sydney or Melbourne. This is a point which opens up old wounds of rivalry between Australia’s two largest cities, and one that remains hotly contested even in web design.

Melbourne vs. Sydney as the New Digital Hub for APAC?

Melbourne and Sydney have long been known for their rivalries, whether those rivalries are regarding who has the better sports teams, or the best celebrities, or even who makes the better coffee. Now, the rivalry is heating up due to one big question. Who had the best web designers, Sydney or Melbourne?

Both have become attractive home bases for many powerhouse digital agencies, due to access to great international talent and brands. Both cities are major cultural hubs and have a lot of focus on art and music. When it comes to web design, cities that embrace creativity tend to come out on top.

There was a recent upset, where the US-based online company Square decided to set up its home in Melbourne, reporting it has a “growing reputation as Australia’s technology hub.”

However, Melbourne will have some competition. Much like Silicone Valley in America, or the Silicone roundabout of East London, Sydney is generally considered the place to be for new advances in technology and digital advertising. As a result, some major advertising firms have been looking at Sydney as a place to acquire smaller, boutique design firms and turn them into international outposts poised for their larger APAC ambitions.

Agencies Buying Up Boutique Firms in Sydney

Small boutique firms have always had the advantage of flexibility. These smaller firms have the option of experimentation and creating true to market local strategies. However, as Sydney becomes recognized as having so much top talent, many larger agencies are moving in to acquire newer, smaller firms.

Dentsu Aegis, a Japan based firm, is one that has been spending a significant amount of time in Sydney, looking at smaller agencies. They’re specifically looking for creative agencies, with a focus on mobile and digital in order to serve clients like Reckitt Benckiser, British Airways, Microsoft, Burberry, MasterCard and Procter & Gamble.

Of course, many are concerned that larger agencies buying up these smaller firms will make these smaller agencies less flexible, and less relevant to the Australian market. On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that these larger acquisitions will allow Sydney agencies to take bigger risks, with more funding, and become recognized as a hub for international web design.

What Does The Future Hold For Sydney Web Designers?

Sydney is quickly becoming recognized as one of the best places in the world for find great web designers and digital firms. With smaller agencies partnering with large ones in order to create innovating campaigns and designs, it’s only a matter of time before Sydney becomes recognized on an international level. For this reason, it can only be described as an exciting time to be considered one of the best web designers Sydney has to offer, as your options for growth and exposure may soon be limitless.

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