Guidelines to know the most suitable sleeping position to have adequate rest

The importance of intense sleep for few hours is need of every human body to maintain the balance of body’s functions. It helps to stay healthy and improve your living lifestyle by striking any mental tensions related to your daily activities.

There are ample factors, which affect the quality of your intense sleep. As well rested sleep attribute greatly in maintaining your good health, it will be better to consider the factors which help in enhancing your sleep.

Many individuals spend their night hours on bed twisting and turning constantly, which affects their sleeping quality. This issue can be remedied by maintaining right kind of posture while sleeping in the night hours.


Mentioning few suitable postures you can try to have sound sleep:

  • Sleeping on your back: This position helps your head, neck, spine and upper part of body to rest in neutral position. In this way you don’t put added pressure to your back part as your spine stays in natural form while resting. This pose helps your immunity to prevent any reactions of toxins present in your body digestive system. Lying on your back means your head stays slightly in elevated position leaving your stomach to pose below esophagus level which helps in preventing digested food to be reversed and enter upper part of the stomach.
  • On your side: It is the second best position helping individuals who snore, experience neck or shoulder pain or have difficulties in lying straight on back. The position is best for pregnant ladies to ease back pains. While lying on one side make sure that you have pillow that doesn’t let your head to tipple down.


Noting the wrong poses:

Many people have urge to lie on their stomach while sleeping. It puts pressure on your spine, joints and muscles. This can lead to varied discomforts like pain, numbness, and tingling in body parts like legs and hands.  The smooth functioning of your respiratory system and the flow of oxygenated blood in your circulatory system gets highly effected.

Children and young people often draw their knees till chest and lie on one side (fetal position) which isn’t quite healthy way to sleep. It may cause stain on your spine, neck and back leading to severe chronic ailments. Hence never try to apply pressure on any part of your body while sleeping. You rest without constricting your limbs or twisting your body parts.

Resting on good quality mattress is equally important as the place where your rest your body marks a good sleep promoting technique. There are varied kinds of mattress available in market having reasonable price tagged along and with warranty for the material too. To chose the best suitable one needs some considerations.


Tips to select the best suitable ones for enhancing your sleep:

  • Innerspring: The highly saleable mattress having number of springs wrapped in foam padding and fiber. It gives great comfort and supports your body uniformly.
  • Foam mattress: As the name suggest polyurethane or latex foam is used to make the mattress supportive to have badly needed rest. Naturally obtained and synthetic flex, both are best material well known for durability and comfort. Memory foam introduced recently shapes itself in accordance to the person sleeping on it, giving a great support to the body.
  • Hybrid mattress: It is a combination of coil and foam mattress which helps a person to move easily while sleeping and presents best way to support your sleeping posture.

Any kind of quality mattress and right kind of posture is sure to help you have great sleeping hours to enhance your physical and mental well being. To know more about the right kind of mattress to buy in cost effective way Our favorite resource for anything bed related is definitely

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