The 10 Big Don’ts Freelancer Should Consider For Web Content Writing

Everyone in the world is gifted with some creativity from God, but to figure it out and utilize it in a proper way actually matters! Writing is a kind of creativity that is present in most people. Unfortunately, some people aren’t able to identify this great ability. Or if they identify it, they don’t utilize it properly – like getting training to polish it in an effective way. And people who identify and then utilize their ability are the lucky ones and they can get benefit out of that too.

Today’s topic is about web content writers who want to become an expert in their field, and also want to be liked by their readers. As we all know, no one is perfect in this world, but you can try your best to get as close as possible to the point of perfection. So in today’s post I will mention some guidelines for such writers who have a spark of talent in writing but who are running themselves just because of lack of training.

So f you want to become one of the favorite and best writers, follow the rules mentioned below:

Writing should be simple and Easy:


Having the best vocabulary is a very good thing no doubt, and when you use it, it leaves a very good impact on others, but only on those who can understand such high vocabulary. And those who can’t understand, they’ll definitely not get you that what you really want to say. So as a web content writer, your readers will constitute every kind of a person so you should use simple and easy language which everyone can understand without any difficulty. In this way they can admire your writing and become yours fan too.

Avoid Monotonous Content

Nowadays everyone likes to have new and advance changes in each and everything. In other words, you can say that innovation has become a vital part of our lifestyle. So as a writer you should use innovative ideas to write your content because if you will write the same thing in the same manner on regular basis, your readers will get fedop from your writing very soon. So keep bringing new content and style in your writing to attract more readers.

Don’t Create Puzzles

Here creating puzzles means creating difficult and tough scenarios without any reason, just to attract the attention of your readers. But unfortunately, doing this way, you will end up irritating the reader and he will leave reading your article. So such things seem good in novels kind of things to create a dramatic scene. But in articles you should be clear-cut in writing your content, so that people finds it interesting to read rather running away by reading difficult scenarios.

Don’t follow Orthodox writing style

In writing profession, the thing that actually matters is your writing pattern and style. If readers will like your style of writing, they will definitely become your daily readers. So when you think of writing something, you should keep this thing in your mind that you are basically addressing the people of today, who actually don’t like orthodox pattern of writing. And if you are not aware of the new writing style, then you should take training, or make the habit of writing articles of other people who write with a new style just to have an idea that how to write!

Avoid writing Lengthy Paragraphs

The thing that actually irritates most of the people while reading any sort of thing is lengthy paragraph. I myself get irritated so much that I actually stop reading that thing because lengthy paragraph mostly detract your focus and that’s why you get irritated. Whereas internet readers are frequently looking for short but well informed paragraphs. So, what you need to do is to keep the paragraphs short and simple for the readers to understand easily.

Give importance to Grammar

One thing that will totally ruin your article even if it has the best information on the topic which the reader wants to have, is the grammatical error. Grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes should be a big NO for you in the article. Because such kind of errors can’t be tolerated by a reader as it gives different meanings to every different reader. And above all it also destroys your image in front of your readers. So you should be very careful in writing about grammatical mistakes.

Don’t confuse your mind and creativity

Though innovation is a very good thing and even necessity in our lives, but sometimes some people are not able to adapt that much changes. And if they try to adapt new style of writing, they get confused and fail to produce their best. So you should not confuse your mind and creativity with new innovations, you should keep trying but never leave your style in which you are comfortable in writing.

Never copy others content and style

As a writer, you will only be able to write a good piece of art if you are writing it according to your inner voice. You should know very well that what and how to write. Even if you have to change your writing pattern every now and then, it should be according to what you are comfortable with as a writer. If you are impressed by someone else writing, you should definitely read and get an idea from that writing, but you should not use it as it is in your article. as in this way, you will be leaving a bad image on your readers, which you don’t want at all.

Always Value the Feedback

It’s a natural thing that if you are praised for whatever you have done, you feel very happy for that. In the same way as a writer, when your readers leave comment in the comment box about your article, you feel very proud that people are reading your material and giving their remarks. But sometimes remarks can be little bit demanding. Demanding in the sense that your readers want some change in your writing style which you should acknowledge and try to follow it. Because if you will completely ignore that what your readers demand, they will ultimately leave reading your articles. So you should give value to the feedback of your readers.

Never allow your Ego to overcome your Creativity

Success is a very good thing, but sometimes it makes people proud which is a very bad thing. So if as a writer, you become famous for your writing, even then you should give respect to your readers. You should never forget this thing that you have become known writer just because of these readers. So you should be down to earth at each and every stage of your career and make sure that your success never affects you and your writing. And above all your ego should not overcome your creativity at any cost.

Bottom Line Thoughts :

Writing is a very good way to express your feelings and thoughts and if you adapt writing as a profession, because of the talent you have, than you can do a great business. But the thing that actually matters is the effective utilization of your skills and ability and you can do that by getting training and following the tips as I have mentioned above. So in other words, writing no doubt is a great way to express your thoughts but it is important that you do it in the right way.

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  1. Ali says:

    I would like to think I am a good writer, but my articles usually are quite long. I’m practising keeping them short and informative. It’s harder than it sounds.

  2. Sunil says:

    I am agree with smashinghub. But most SEO peoples force to write unnatural content to get good PR. what should we do. I think good writing and content writing are two opposite sides of a coin which can’t meet.

  3. SungTow says:

    Oh wow, very good points indeed.

  4. gourav says:

    nice tips,thanks for sharing it …