Brilliantly Conceived ‘Fun To See’ Humorous Ads (PICS)

Advertising is most key role for increasing profit. Being an attraction of niche audience, talented marketing people grab the brilliant message in a still image as Inspirational motive. Ad agencies often rely on humor or funny advertisment to achieve this. Thus it is often achieves with a funny Conceived , Creative message and clever art direction and great visuals.

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Here are 25 Brillent Funny Animals Ads.

DHL – Chicken or Egg

Above the Influence Rats

Witte Molen

Without Clothes Cat

Wannabe Owl

Work For Food

Bad Dog Breath Dental Snacks

Attack Crab

Fast-working laxatives


Toyo Octopus

Hyundai Coupe. 0 to 100 km/h in 8.4 sec


Purina Bark in the Park

Steady shot

Cures car smells

Temptation from Pig

Snake Bus

Polar Bear

Podium of Dogs

Hard Working Car

Fiat 500: Panda

Big Fast

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  5. admin says:

    thanks a lot

  6. blah says:

    lol dogs peeing one is funny

  7. Nabeel Ahmed says:

    Liked the first DHL ad very thoughtful.

  8. Jenix says:

    Best one in my opinion is the snake bus, seemed like a lot more thinking and work went into it than the others.

  9. Jatix says:

    From a marketing perspective, almost all of these were absolutely horrible. Actually, I’m thinking they were leaked agency ideas rather than released ads. There is no way most of these would make it to print.

  10. adhi says:

    haha… i like fiat panda advertising, but i thing Fast-working laxatives picture its like true picture…haha…funny