3 simple ways to get your online business noticed

In today’s heavily populated online market, standing out from the crowd is one of the biggest challenges that businesses face. For small companies in particular, competing with larger corporations to reach the right audience can be incredibly tough. However, even without an enormous budget and unlimited resources, it is still possible to make your mark. Here are three simple yet effective steps that any company can take to increase their visibility online.

get your online business noticed


1. Keywords

When it comes to operating online, getting your business noticed goes hand in hand with ensuring maximum visibility in the search results. When a user looks for products or services that you can provide, you want your website to be one of the first they come across. One of the most crucial factors of search engine optimization is a powerful keyword strategy, and this should influence the content of your website. Whilst selecting the right keywords requires in-depth SEO knowledge, there are several tools you can use to optimize your site without the help of an expert. ThisSEO spotlight tool courtesy of 1&1,can tell you which keywords should be included in your website’s text, based on your company name, industry and desired advertising region. Furthermore, it can inform you of what keywords your competitors are using.


2. Advertising

Online businesses are no different to brick-and-mortar stores in that they often stand to benefit from some well-placed advertising. Instead of waiting for potential customers to find you, why not bring your business to them? Whilst it’s true that paid-for adverts are often considered a more intrusive marketing tactic, they still serve as an extremely powerful – and measurable – tool. There are many different forms of digital advertising, from banner ads to pay-per-click campaigns, and choosing the right media depends largely on your budget and your target audience. Whichever option you choose, investing in eye-catching, strategically-placed ads is one of the most direct and compelling ways to draw attention to your business.


3. Social media

Prior to the internet, word of mouth was crucial for getting your company known. Indeed, this still holds true in today’s market, albeit in a different form – social media has sped up the process and taken it to new heights, and it’s simpler than ever to reach potential customers far and wide.Having an active presence across all relevant platforms is therefore essential for positioning yourself within your industry. At the same time, make it easy for happy customers to endorse you via their favorite networks by integrating social like, share and follow buttons throughout your company website.By moving in the right social circles, you can widen your audience at a rapid rate whilst significantly magnifying brand awareness.

With a mixture of organic, paid and social measures, you can quickly improve your online visibility and subsequently benefit from increased website traffic, a higher chance of conversions and more sustainable business success.

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