Win $20 Credit For Printed Content in 3D or Animation Giveaway

As a creative professional, it’s a challenge to both impress your clients AND do it affordably!  Have you ever considered creating a project in either 3D or Animation? has been making a big ‘splash’ on the scene lately, with its unique ability to do what no online printer has done before.

snapily pro can provide you with one-off proofs in printed 3d or animation, so you can easily (and affordably), order a SINGLE piece – for either personal use or to be approved by your client.

3D is becoming increasingly popular with the ability to add depth to reality. In this case, no glasses required. Animated Flip products allow you to express an experience in a very refreshing, in an almost magical way. With a slight movement of your wrist, the product reveals one picture and then immediately another. This specialty printing is made possible with lenticular printing.

3d Business cards

SnapilyPro currently offers 5 different step by step workflow options. They aim to make it super easy to upload, preview, and order (ordering a proof is highly recommended). Products are then shipped within days, directly to your door. .

So $20 will allow someone to get started testing out the service, or order a few products – for your personal use or professional use.

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Winners of Giveaway are 

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  1. Steve Capell says:

    This is a neat idea and we could use these for our art business.

  2. Cool giveaway. I did not have an experience in 3D if luck permits i do have one here.

  3. Vladimir Sijan says:

    I will certainly print something

  4. Lon W. says:

    Certainly interests me. There is an advert, for instance, pushing 3-D business cards in this article. Far out.

  5. Zain says:

    I have to say this seems to be a pretty amazing offer. I am definitely looking to try my hand at this.

  6. Guppu Boss says:

    i have shared it plz include me in this giveaway