What mistakes most people do when they buy CCTV

Looking at the fabulous security offered by the CCTV camera, more and more residential and commercial places have installed them. This has become one of the best means to ensure safety against the threat and also an increase in the productivity. People generally commit a few mistakes when they buy a CCTV camera.


Selection of improper Lens

The incorrect lens may not give you the best picture quality that helps in clear identification of the threat. In spite of the proper working of the CCTV camera that you have installed, you can’t use those poor-quality pictures as a supportive evidence to prove anyone responsible for the crime.

With the wrong lens, there is maximum chance that the police won’t be able to use them as a base to prove one guilty. CCTV Dubai offers the best quality security devices to provide best class protection to people.


Selection of the incorrect DVR

Installation of a DVR system that has a very low resolution means that the CCTV system will be of a very little use for police in carrying out a prosecution.


Missing out on a professional installation

To save money many people do the installation of the camera by themselves. One can easily fix the camera, but then it would not provide you the same quality as offered by a professionally installed system. Hence, it is prudent to always approach an expert.

Many of the residential and commercial complexes can be seen safeguarded by CCTV camera. CCTV Camera Dubai is the leading provider of world class CCTV camera at an affordable price.

They provide experienced professionals who know how to place the camera to give better quality and crystal clear coverage of the place. Also, these companies provide after sales service that makes it easy to detect issues, get them repaired and avoid huge expenditure in later years.

This helps in efficient execution of security services. It keeps the system up at all the time and running smoothly without any interruption. By using inferior quality equipment, unprofessional installations or inefficient after-sales service leads to compromise the integrity of the CCTV system and deprives you of the value of your investment.


Failing to assign an experienced and trusted person to monitor footage

The main goal of installing CCTV camera is to ensure the best level of security. To enhance the operational quality, it is required that a diligent person is appointed to perform the review and supervision of the recorded footage. A proactive monitoring will help to keep the system in running condition and get the required footage as a proof whenever you want it.


Poor installation leads to more trouble in the system

Poor installation refers to the bad placement of the camera, use of inefficient equipment, insufficient lighting conditions that adversely impact the quality of CCTV footage. All of these factors would reduce the quality of the image and would not provide you a clear-cut view of the place. It will not accomplish the security purpose that you have tried to achieve by making this huge investment.


Focusing on price and missing on the functionality

Different types of CCTV are available in the market in different sizes, features and brands. They may vary in price. People, who are only considering price, may not get the desired features that they have been expecting. It is better to focus on the features and then choose the one that is available at the most competitive price.

To get the best security and protection of indoor and outdoor space against a number of threats, it is important to guard yourself against any of these mistakes.

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