Want to retrieve lost data? Now you can with the EaseUS data recovery wizard

For a long while it was believed that the data lost in computer was gone forever. But now, thanks to the EaseUS Data Recovery application, lost data can be retrieved and edited as if it had never been lost.

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Causes of Loss of Data:

  • Accidental deletion of files
  • Physical destruction of hard drives
  • Spreading of viruses and infliction of them on files
  • Power failure before the document is saved
  • Software corruption
  • Hardware malfunction
  • Formatting


Purpose of the EaseUS data recovery Software;

It helps you in any kind of data loss crisis. It’s clear and successful and the rate of failure is close to none, meaning the data is recovered almost every time you run the scan.


Advantages of EaseUS data Recovery software;

A few other data recovery wizards are available in the market but what makes EaseUS the best?

  • It’s Time Saving

One doesn’t need to spend hours sitting in front of the computer waiting for the application to do its job. Once started, the program keeps running the scan without requiring constant supervision.

  • Its Accuracy

It runs a search, finds the file then asks for user’s confirmation before running the check. That way no effort in searching is lost in vain.

  • Its Flexibility and Versatility

It works for both hardware and software related data loss crisis. There is no specification for the kind of device it operates for. Data lost from USBs, HD cards, Hard Disks or mobile phones can be retrieved. It works on IOS, Android, Windows, Mac etc. Moreover, it supports any kind of file including the documents, audios, videos and images.

  • It’s user friendly

It’s easy to use and no expertise are required. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can operate the software and obtain its benefit.

  • It’s System Friendly

It does not take up a lot of space on the disk. Keeping in mind that the hard disk that is already crashed cannot support another addition.

  • It has interactive and engaging features;

Its features are interactive and user friendly. For example; before running the scan it shows a pie chart kind of diagram that shows the damaged portion of the disk. This enables the user to efficiently retrieve the lost files.


Steps required to install EaseUS Recovery Wizard;

  1. Make sure that the computer you are downloading the software in is compatible and all the system requirements are fulfilled.
  2. Free Download the data recovery software
  3. Extract the zip file that comes with file compression
  4. Double click on the Data Recovery Installer and wait till it installs
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions
  6. A window asking for agreement to the license will appear to which you will have to agree
  7. The software will run until the defected file is found and restored


About the website

EaseUS recovery wizard is of a number of types. Adequate knowledge on what type is for your case is provided on the website that is user friendly and has precise knowledge regarding installation, running of program and purchase of program. Some of its programs are free and some are to be purchased.

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