Tips for passing MCSE certification exams

Microsoft Certificates are well-known and internationally recognized IT credentials that demonstrates an individual’s expertise in Microsoft respective technologies. The Microsoft certification pathway includes:


  • MOS – Microsoft Office Specialist

This credential is a backbone of all office users (both major and minor users). It comes in several levels, and each level has its own area of study. The certification is designed to give the candidates the necessary skills to handle applications such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook etc.

  • MTA – Microsoft Technology Associate

This certificate is an entry-level credential that confirms the candidates’ basic technology knowledge. After studying the MTA, you open the doors to the next level.

  • MCSA – Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate

This certificate is a backbone of all Microsoft starting levels. It verifies the students’ knowledge, skills and ability to create and design solutions via major Microsoft technologies. The MCSA is a prerequisite for the MCSD and MCSE certifications.

  • MCSD – Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer

This credential is given in combination with the MCSE. Its aim is to give the learners the relevant skills needed to develop applications. The acquired knowledge helps the users to develop responsive web applications and the current mobile apps.

  • MCSE – Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

This is the peak of all the certifications provided by Microsoft. This certificate demonstrates the ability of the individuals to build and develop advanced solutions. With it at hand, all IT professionals who have taken it will be validated with multi-level technologies that will assist them in their career.


MCSE Certification Overview

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certifications are one of the most renowned credentials in the IT industry. In fact, they are taken the leading fields where people are gaining knowledge and skills. The good thing related to these Microsoft certificates is that the students can use them to validate their expertise and ability, and get global recognition in their realm of specialization. Once you are through with your studies, you will get a full illustration of your profession.

With one of the MCSE certifications at hand, you can move the career ladder very fast, and also get pay raise in your current field of specialization. According to research, the candidates who have taken the MCSE certification have more advantages than their peers who have not taken it at all. If you are still a student in Ireland, the UK, and even the USA, you can use the certification to gain some credibility in the relevant field. It is good to note that offers the courses and exam dumps which can guide the MCSEs can help you in getting a job once you have finished your college studies.


MCSE Certification Paths

Since its launch, the MCSE certification path has gone through several modifications that are designed to adapt the current changes in technology. Each channel is given the name that reflects its characteristics and features that give it its functionalities. Below are some of the MCSE certification paths that are used at the moment:

  • Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

This certification is the heart of all datacenters. It is a hub that gives you the power and knowledge to manage all types of technologies that are related to data storage, virtualization etc. Upon finishing, you can join such areas as cloud computing administration, computer, and information security analysis.

  • Mobility

This credential is the most modern field that combines all old desktop computers and current BYOD devices and apps. The path gives you relevant knowledge and skills that you require to operate and manage the necessary devices.

  • Data Management and Analytics

With this path, you gain the power to handle all types of databases, and have the ability to create and run data solutions that are related to the current small and medium-sized enterprises. Once you are done with this course, you will be able to work as an analyst, developer of all types of databases.

  • Productivity

This certificate is the gateway for the cloud. It gives you the ability to move all your business data to the cloud, and still maintain the same productivity as usual.  With this course at hand, you will learn how to avoid losing data and maintaining the necessary security. If you want to be a renowned system and network administrator, this credential is the best option for you.

  • Business Applications

This certification is the heart of the famous MS Dynamics 365 and its technologies. Once completed, you will gain the power in the development of Dynamics 365, technical help and engineering.



MCSE certifications are well-known all over the world. They are an obligatory requirement for the applicants who want to work in global corporations. It is a hard task to obtain one of these credentials, but if you achieve it, this means that you are a highly-qualified professional who can be in demand worldwide. Don’t lose your chance to become a certified specialist! The MCSE certification is the best way to your bright future in the IT industry.

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