The various health dangers of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is convenient but researchers have found that it can affect human beings health negatively. Its first effect is that it contributes to insomnia. Though mattress selling companies like guarantee that if you buy the right mattress you will have a good night sleep, many people after using Wi-Fi feel more awake or find it difficult to fall asleep. If you sleep near a mobile phone in a room that has many Wi-Fi signals, you can develop chronic sleeping problems. The constant bombardment of Wi-Fi interrupts your sleep and your sleeping pattern. For most people, deprivation of sleep is just the beginning of more serious problems. Hypertension and depression are also brought about by lack of enough sleep.

The second effect of Wi-Fi is that it damages childhood development. If you get exposed to non-thermal radio frequency radiation that comes from cellular phones and Wi-Fi, you normal cellular development will get disrupted.

The third health effect of Wi-Fi is that it affects the growth of cells. If you sleep with you cell phone by your head, you will experience difficulty in concentrating. Exposure to wireless radiation affects the growth of cells not only in human beings but in plants as well.

The fourth effect of Wi-Fi is that it derails brain function. With MRI technology, some research was carried out and it was found that the people who are exposed to 4G radiation have several sections of lowered brain activity.

The fifth health effect of Wi-Fi is that it lowers the activity of the brain in females. If women are exposed to Wi-Fi from a wireless access point for a long time, there will be a noticeable change in their energy level and brain activity.

The sixth health effect of Wi-Fi is that it neutralizes sperm. It is commonly known that the heat generated by laptops destroys sperms. And now it also turns out that the heat is not only dangerous to men’s virility because research as shown that exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies lowers sperm movement and causes DNA fragmentation.

The seventh effect of Wi-Fi is that it can affect fertility. And it is not only the sperm that can get affected.  Studies have shown that some Wi-Fi frequencies can hinder the egg implantation. It can also affect the DNA structure and this is a high possibility of having abnormal pregnancy or failure of egg implantation. Pregnant women should avoid using Wi-Fi and even distant themselves from those using it.

The eight health effect of Wi-Fi is that it provokes cardiac stress. If you think that your heart beats more when you are near a wireless network or LTE cell phone or 3G, then that may not be just a thought. Studies have proved that people experience real physical response to an electromagnetic frequency. And that physical response is the increase in the heart beat which is similar to the heart rate of someone who is under stress.

The ninth health effect of Wi-Fi is cancer. This is controversial but it cannot be ignored that many animal models have shown that if exposed to electromagnetic radiation, the risk of developing a tumor increases.

All these health effects can be limited to ensure you remain healthy. However it is not that easy because there are so many Wi-Fi networks. People are surrounded by electromagnetic radiation throughout making it hard to block exposure. But there are some few things that one can do to prevent Wi-Fi. For instance you can keep your laptop, cell phone or tablet away from your body. And when you are not using it, ensure that it is shut off and so is your wireless router. Also, you can check online for devices which can counteract electromagnetic frequencies.

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