Technology and sleep – is technology a curse or a blessing

Technology has come to stay in our life. Technology has both positive and negative impacts on all aspects of life including sleep. Is technology a no-no into your bedroom or a yes-yes? You will be able to know the answer only if you analyze the pros and cons of technology on sleep.

Negative impacts of technology on sleep

  1. Electronic items like video games induce the flight or fight syndrome. This is a response that is developed for survival during severe crisis like attack or threat. The same response is developed when you play video games and online games. This increases your stress and prevents your sleep.
  2. Light emitted from the screens of electronic devices decrease the secretion of melatonin, the sleep inducing hormone. The lesser the melatonin produced, the lesser is the quantity of sleep.
  3. Electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation which affects your sleep.
  4. Using electronic device at night keeps your brain alert and prevents the brain from sending sleep signals.

Sleep deprivation may affect your productivity, your health, and healthy weight.

It is really difficult to believe that technology helps in sound sleep but it is true.

How to make use of technology for a good sleep?

  • Blue light filter software – When you install this software in your PC’s and laptops the screen will start to shift in color and brightness as the sun starts to set. It filters the blue light and decreases the effect of the light on your eyes and your brain.


  • Soothing sleep sound gadget – This gadget has a few sound options to choose from like the sound of the waves etc. The rhythmic sounds help you to drift off to sleep quickly and easily.


  • Sleep tracker – There are wristbands that help in keeping a track on sleep throughout the night. It monitors your sleep and records the number of times you woke in the night. You will be able to make lifestyle changes like decrease in caffeine and alcohol etc. based on the recordings of the sleep tracker.


  • Wake up lights – How do you feel when a loud alarm wakes you up in the morning? Do you feel annoyed? It has negative impacts on your health too. It increases your heart beat and increases stress. Gentle wake up lights are new innovations in technology. They replicate the crack of dawn and sunrise to wake you up warmly.


  • Headband – This band produces rhythmic humming sounds to lull your brain. This helps you to go to deep undisturbed sleep which is very important for good physical and mental health.

Technology has both pros and cons on your sleep. All you have to do is to make sure that you make use of technology correctly. Are you not able to sleep properly even after using the right technology? If so, you need to change your mattress as early as possible. A good memory foam mattress will help you to sleep soundly and comfortably. Read memory foam mattress reviews to buy the best one.

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