Technology addiction is more dangerous to your health than you presume

Are you the type of person that can’t sleep continually till morning without waking up in the middle of the night to check your mail, Skype or Facebook account? Is your addiction to the internet affecting your body functioning? Do you feel like technology is taking all of your time including sleep time? Do you feel like something is missing when you are not online?

If that is the case, then you are probably addicted to technology. Technology addiction occurs when an individual crosses an imperceptible boundary and technology usage becomes unhealthy

If you want to get your body in line and your life in order, then you need to take some rest; more than you do on a normal basis

You need to understand that sleep is the foundation of everything we do. Adequate sleep rebuilds your body, replenishes your chemical stores and makes you alert throughout the day. Normally, 8 hours is what is recommend for sleep. But 6 to 7 hours is also not that bad. It is sad that some people do not even get a half of this recommended time sleep on a daily basis.

Technology may have grown rapidly, but our bodies or rather the human body is still programmed to have the simple needs that our predecessors had. When evening comes, our bodies are programmed to want to take a rest from everything and sleep. However, with the innovation of street lighting today people can stay up all night doing activities normally as if it was daytime. These lights increase the temptation to want to stay up longer and get entertained with movies, television, clubbing and many more nighttime activities. With time, all these tend to have an adverse effect on the body.

Lack of sleep whether short or long term tends to have serious repercussions on our overall health. Inadequate or no sleep at all is associated with increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, delayed reaction, headaches, and depression. Sleep should be treated with importance as it is a necessity to the normal body function just like nutrition. Without adequate sleep, your body will be limited to reach its best possible state of health.

While you work on having a proper sleep, remember that timing of sleep also affects the quality of sleep. Sleep before midnight is more productive than sleep after midnight. Going to bed after midnight only puts your body at risk of developing sleep deprivation symptoms. The more you sleep during at the right time, the better your body focuses on physical repair and mental repair.

To be honest, technology can be so much fun and useful; actually, technology can be excellent. You can choose to listen to some cool music, watch your favorite television show, or take as many photos of yourself for Instagram; that is no problem. You can as well share your thoughts and feelings in very few and simple characters on Facebook or twitter. The reality is, in as much all this can be awesome, the dangers associated with overindulgence of these things is far much more than you anticipate.

Depriving your body even an hour of essential sleep can have a significant impact on your physical and mental health. And in this era where technology is everything and everywhere, it is easy to deny your body of its needs. The thing is, you need to understand the importance of sleep to your overall health and the adverse effects technology can have on your system. If you still don’t get it, why not visit SleepJunkie for advice and tips on having good quality sleep for your wellbeing.

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