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If as a regular reader of your favorite site, Smashinghub, you would like to know ever that how it runs behind the scene, then read this article as from this you will get to know that how it works. Few months before, all the images which you can see in the collections were running of our vps.net server.

And because of this many problems occurred which are very often on the internet like the loading times were so long and annoying, and customers were being charged more bandwidth usage which was really hurting.

What is MaxCDN?


Now you must be keen to know that what basically the MaxCDN is!!! Actually it is a network of many servers throughout the world that work mutually to provide you with the fastest speeds. This is how CDNs work, they download the content on your site, cache the data across their network of servers, and when a user visits your site they will be directed you to the closest MaxCDN data center. This “smart route” technology makes sure each visitor to your site gets their data from the city closest to them. For example if you live in New York and Smashinghub is hosted in England, whenever you load the website, the images will use the closest CDN to America. This means that instead of the signal traveling all the way to NewYork, it will go to a MaxCDN located in England.

There are some important key points to have in mind while running a website/blog because if you want to keep your users happy and satisfied with your website, what you need to do is to provide them with good content, keep the loading time to a minimal, and have a beautiful theme. Since Smashinghub has many images, it took so much time to load, that it was so much irritating for the user to stop visiting your website. But now with the help of MaxCDN’s WordPress CDN, smashinghub loads in less than 1 second according to Speed Test. Besides this I would also like to mention that it’s not difficult at all to set up MaxCDN’s WordPress CDN, all you have to do is download their wordpress plugin and everything besides this is so straight forward. But in case you face a problem, simply contact their support line and they will help you set it up.

MaxCDN Features

  • Fast load times
  • Superior scalability
  • Crash resistance to traffic floods
  • Free Implementation
  • 24/7 Free customer service
  • Proven Expertise
  • Pay as you go
  • Improved visitor experience
  • Guaranteed uptime

So whatever we discussed above, its basic aim was to tell you that your website will be super fast! Basically your hosting provider (HTML/CSS/CMS) loads the site, and MaxCDN will be responsible for loading the images, videos, and music. So this process puts almost no stress on your servers and keeps your bandwidth at a low usage.

Integrations - MaxCDN Content Delivery Network

One other advantage that mostly people don’t know is that MaxCDN helps your Google Page Rank. Actually Google and other search engines rank your website on the basis of its speed. In fact, this is the simplest way to have your listings in Google become higher in rank. No more of dealing with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), just make your website faster and you’ll get higher in rank with that much ease!

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