Webydo is revolutionizing professional website design and has a huge coupon code

Webydo, the professional online platform that lets designers create, manage and design a website without writing code, announced the release of a designer centered business solution, helping designers build their web design brand and grow their independent business online.

38 million graphic designers currently working to create multiple websites for their clients are enslaved to an old process that depends on developers to manually convert graphic design into handwritten code. This process, which hasn’t changed much since the ’90s, is slow, expensive and marginalizing designers’ roles. According to Webydo’s research, 70% of the budget of professional website design creation is currently spent on the development of handwritten code. On the other hand, the DIY code-free platforms (such as Weebly, Wix or Squarespace) offer only pre-formatted templates that are not suitable for professional website creation, and less than 3% of websites are created using these tools.

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Key features of Webydo

With Webydo, designers can not only create a website using professional cloud-based software made specifically for designers, but now have the ability to bill their client directly, brand the system as their own, share website designs with their clients, and use an advanced CMS where their client can change, delete or update any element on the websites independently.


Reducing technical complexity

With Webydo, a designer can now worry about the actual design work, rather than the technical and financial aspect of dealing with client.  Webydo’s sophisticated online software lets designers create multiple websites with custom tailored designs from scratch, without writing one line of code. Webydo includes all the familiar tools that graphic designers use in softwares such as Adobe’s Photoshop or Indesign. However with Webydo, designers can edit in browser, see their interactive design in action immediately and create a professional website with built in CMS.


Handle payment

Webydo also handles the payment and invoicing to the clients, directly from the dashboard. This helps to reduce the effort needed to do the paperwork and to chase any potential late payment.



Webydo allows designers to white label the whole solution so that his or her branding becomes the front and center of the business. This allows designers to establish their own branding, without worrying about the backend of their platform as Webydo does all the heavy lifting. With Webydo, designer are now free to focus on creating their brand identity, rather than worrying the day to day running of their backend operations.


Collaborative platform

Webydo made it dead simple to share work with clients. Rather than the email method, the platform allows designers to share their concepts and mockup to clients directly, similar to how social sharing works. Designers can even lock parts of their design, preventing unwanted changes and preserving full artistic control.


Coupon code

Now, you can enjoy Webydo’s service at a 72% discount if you used this coupon code:SmashingHubVIP548


About Webydo

Webydo is servicing a community of 13,000 designers, enables them to create and manage cross-platform business websites, without writing code. With a click of a button, designers can publish an advanced HTML website, including a friendly built-in CMS for the website owner. Founded by designers and creative professionals, Webydo is empowering designers around the world, eliminating all technical barriers and helping designers focus on the creative side of web creation.

To learn more visit www.webydo.com, or contact us at – media@webydo.com

Webydo can be found on Behance, Twitter @Webydo and on Facebook.

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    Thanks a lot for the coupon code. A 72% discount seem truly amazing and from what you have described, Webydo seems like a really effective tool.