Press Release: Have you got what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

For most people starting out on their career or wanting a career change, being an entrepreneur and owning your own company is the dream.But becoming an entrepreneur isn’t always for everyone. It takes a special set of skills to make it in business on your own, and that’s why only a select few succeed.

GlobalMessaging have created an infographic detailing the anatomy of an entrepreneur. It takes a look at the character traits and talents needed to become an entrepreneur and make it big in business.

Some of the characteristics are:

– Motivated and Focused – motivation and focus comes from a genuine interest in what you are doing. Regular goal-setting gives you targets and keeps you engaged in your venture

– Creative and Innovative – being creative with your products, services and operations appeals to both customers and employees alike.

– Risk Taking and Courageous – being comfortable with taking risks is vital for businesses to grow and succeed. But it is important to understand what risks are worthwhile and to not be impulsive.

– Passionate and Determined – if you passionately believe in your venture and refuse to give up, success is bound to follow.

– Strong Work Ethic – a true entrepreneur knows that nothing just comes to you; you have to go out into the world and earn it yourself.

You can take a look at the infographic here:

GlobalMessaging have created two infographics, one male and one female entrepreneur. The embed codes are below. Feel free to use which ever would most appeal to your readership. Alternatively, if you’d like a JPEG or PDF version, do let me know and I will send this across.


The Anatomy Of An Entrepreneur
Provided by Global Messaging


The Anatomy Of An Entrepreneur
Provided by Global Messaging


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