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The bed bugs problem is actually catching up and every day, a bunch of new bed bug hit households spring up. While we don’t blame you for the ignorance, probably due to the panic bed bugs create, but the widespread concepts about bed bugs are pretty wrong and you will be surprised to know how misinformed you might be. You must think of that living in a bed bug struck place, you know these blood sucking creatures in and out. However, this might not be the case. To check what part of your information about bed bugs is right, give the following article a read.

Myth #1: Bug bites indicates the presence of bed bugs

Good news! Waking up with bed bugs bites does not at all mean that the source of the bites is confirmed and that you should not inspect further. Other insects like mites and fleas also might be responsible for giving you bites like the bed bugs. So before blaming the not very innocent, bed bugs, look for signs of other insects as well. Secondly, comparatively more alarming, these bites might be a result of a couple of other medical conditions for which you need to visit your doctor as soon as you can. Thus basically when you see a bite, just stop back and consider other options too.

Myth #2: Bed bugs attack everyone

No, they don’t! So if you’re the one covered in the bug bite and your sister, sleeping in the same bed wakes up just fine, you have enough of a reason to cry to mothernature for doing this to you. This is just like how the very common mosquito bites work. It all depends on the level of reactiveness your skin has to these bites. To some people, the bug bites may leave a long lasting effect like swelling, redness and itchiness while other people might not even notice that they’ve been bitten.

Myth #3: Bed bugs are microscopic

For the love of God, who told you that? They living and walking bugs, not molecules to be microscopic. If you know exactly how they look like and where they’ll be found, you’ll definitely get to see a couple of them. While the newly born menace wouldn’t be visible without a magnifying glass at least, a full grown bed bug which is roughly of a size of a lentil will be visible to you anyways (if you don’t have eyesight problems that is). Moreover, it’s just not the bugs that make themselves visible but you’ll also find pieces of skin they often shed and stains they leave behind of the blood they suck from you. Yup! Bed bugs are not disgusting for nothing.

Myth #4: Bed bugs attack in the dark

Not really! Bed bugs are far more brutal that the cockroaches that stay at bay in the light. Though a bed bug might prefer doing their work in the night’s darkness but there is absolutely no hard and fast rule for this and lights wouldn’t guarantee a safe spot from these bloody babies. So if you’re leaving your lights on for the sake of saving yourself, it will give you a mental satisfaction of not being bitten, along with sleep deprivation and a high electricity bill.

Myth #5: Bed bugs get their name because they live in beds

You really wish the hungry bugs limited themselves to your beds, don’t you? Well, you aren’t getting very lucky with that. For their ease, a bed might be their favorite place to hide so they can come in contact with you when you are motionless, a bed is not their only home. They can be in your living room, hiding under your couch cover, in the threads of your lavish carpet or even in your kitchen cabinets; nibbling on your pack of biscuits. These blood sucking machines are not even limited to homes now. You can have bed bug encounter in cinema’s, libraries and even airplanes.

Myth #6: You know when a bed bug bites you

That really doesn’t make sense if you think about it. As also mentioned above, a full grown bed bug is the size of a lentil or an apple seed maximum which makes it mouth even smaller. So there are fewer chances that you feel a bite in case all your attention is where it will bite you. Also, a substance in the saliva has anesthetic properties, enough to numb the bitten area so there are extremely subtle chances for you to know about the blood-sucking attack only till you notice the effects it leaves.

Myth #7: Bed bugs can jump around

They are just not made that way. A grasshopper, for example, has legs made to hop around. A bed bug, on the other hand, has extremely small legs that just allow it to crawl at a very slow pace. So they usually have to take the long route of climbing up the legs of your bed and then get in your bed for which you can place the legs of the bed in bowls of water or cover with double sided tape to block their paths to you. Also, you need to be very careful with your bedding to not touch the floor as it would give them a free and quick ticket to reach you. However, do not underestimate these bugs’ smartness as they love to crawl up the wall, to the ceiling and then dropping right in your bed.

Myth #8: Bed bugs are a source of diseases

Not exactly diseases. The bed bugs are more of a nuisance than a health hazard and this is the reason that health departments seldom take bug bed complaints seriously. Not transmitting diseases precisely, these bugs are dangerous to your health as their bites result in swelling and severe itching on its hosts’ skin. The bitten area may develop an infection if not treated right and the fear of bed bugs along with sleeplessness may push the host into depression.

Knowing the right facts may not be a solution to your dreadful bed bug problems, but having the appropriate information may help you tackle with them more efficiently and know the exact threats caused by them.

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