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VFX Learning is an online educational website famous for its vfx learning. VFX Learning is a short form of visual effects in which V-stands for visual and FX-stand for effects. VFX Learning is also use to point certain methods through which imagery is created or manipulated. Vfxlearning.com is a very good platform to get command over different techniques and methods through which you can create, manipulate or add different effects to images. VFX Learning is an amazing online training center and you can become an expert in using VFX Learning techniques from the comfort of your own home.


This website can be accessed in both English and Spanish language. Online Mentors teach students Visual Effects and review their work. These Mentors are active members of top studios around the world and have created effects for many blockbuster films. The online courses involve a weekly 60 training session and each student is given an assignment. Feedback is given in a person to person setting and a monthly feedback is given to the whole group to review their standing. There are also Master Classes to help students use their full potential and create film inspired shots.

The website is also a social network, where every student has their own page and can interact and comment on each other’s work providing a thorough critique in a professional manner. The software used is ADOBE CONNECT PLATFORM which creates video conferencing platform for classes to be held. There are around 4 levels of courses, AUTODESK MAYA, SIDEFX HOUDINI, EXOTIC-M NAIAD and FOUNDRY NUKE.

Every Course includes a description of its aims, the topics to be covered, a few screen captures and course details including pre-requisites, instructor information, registration and tuition fee, the starting date and the enrolment options. The Site can be accessed through other networks such as Twitter and face book as well.

Luis Pages, the director and founder of vfxlearning.com has worked in films such as The Lovely Bones, The Day The Earth Stood Still, 10000 BC, Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix, Horton Hears a Who and Ice Age: The Meltdown. There is a webpage dedicated to all the instructors including their brief background, technical expertise, work experience and academic accomplishments.  On the homepage, there are featured groups so that people in the same class can join and arrange discussions. There are tabs for videos and photographs as well. Currently there are 257 members of VFX Learning


The VFX learning is basically offering the four main courses covering different areas of VFX training. Under these four main courses which are named as Autodesk Maya, Sidefx Houdini, Exotic-M Naiad and Foundry Nuke they have set levels according to the difficulty of various VFX Learning techniques being taught. All courses start from basic and fundamental techniques and than upgrade to advanced.

Maya Dynamics:

Maya dynamics is the name of first area which they offer various basics and techniques of vfx learning. The best part is that they have made levels in accordance with the difficulty of the task: Maya dynamic level-1 and Maya dynamics level-2. The focus of this course is to teach our students how to analyze a particular effect and determine the most time/cost effective way to achieve it. The main topics covered in Maya dynamics level-1 are Particle Emission Fundamentals, Fields & Simulation Fundamentals, Geometry Replacement (Instancing), Particle Caching, Effects Menu etc. Similarly the most successful assignments renders from Maya dynamics level-1 will be taken into the Maya dynamics level-2 where they will deal with the advanced particle behaviors and various other aspects of VFX Learning.

Sidefx Houdini

Another important course offered by VFX learning.com, the main goal of the following course is to help students think properly and work procedurally. Again they have divided the course into three main levels, first deal with the basics, second with some advanced techniques and the third one is based on the Master level class. The course mainly revolves around the different Houdini techniques, terms and functions.

Nuke Digital Compositing

Nuke is a specific area composing of various VFX techniques. This course of VFX Learning offers the opportunity to learn and experiment all the basics and fundamentals of NUKE Composition. It provides the minimum knowledge and set of skills to start using Nuke as a real pro, and also help you to gain technical as well as artistic knowledge when it comes to composing. In this course again they have different levels in which topics are divided according to their difficulty levels but students here are encouraged to shoot different footages and then apply different techniques on them to gain better experience.


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