How to improve your sleep with the help of sleep technology

Technology is often blamed for the lack of proper sleep. How about the various sleep apps and technologies? Can they help you get the much needed sleep? Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation is one of the most common problems faced by millions of people all around the world. It is a serious issue and efforts should be taken to overcome sleeplessness.


Problems Faced By Lack of Sleep

Nowadays, many people, even in their early 30’s complain about lack of sleep. This lack of sleep has caused severe health issues including depression, diabetes, obesity and poor quality of life. Even though there are many reasons for causing sleeplessness, most often technology is blamed for it.

One of the main reasons for causing sleeplessness is the poor quality of mattress used. So, if you have an old mattress, replace it with a brand new one after comparing the reviews about the different brands on

Latest studies have proved that the same technology when used correctly can help you get sleep. Here are some ways you can use technology to improve your sleep.


Blue Light Filters

Often lights from computers, mobile phones, laptops and iPads can disturb your sleep. The blue light emitted from these electronic devices suppresses the melatonin rhythm. When the melatonin rhythm is suppressed, your brain will not get the signal that it is nighttime and it is time for you to sleep. Your brain is tricked into thinking that it is daytime and hence it affects your sleep. Doctors recommend avoiding using electronic devices that emit blue light at least 2 to 3 hours before going to bed. But, in most cases, people carry their laptop and Smartphone’s to bed.

To reduce the effect of blue light, today we can buy blue light filters. You can install these filters in the laptops and machines that you use during the night time so that you get the right amount of sleep. Smartphone users who are using Android devices can install various apps that help to reduce the effect of blue light and transform it into much warmer redder one. Apple recently launched the “Night Shift Feature” that helps to reduce the effect of blue light and provides your brain the much needed signals to allow you to sleep well.


Winding Down Before Going to Bed

Blue light is not the only one that disturbs your sleep. Reading certain types of official emails, watching certain types of movies or television shows can also disturb your sleep. Sleeping is not an automatic process; you need to wind down your brain for getting good sleep. You must make your brain realize there is no crisis and it is time to go to bed and sleep. There are many apps that can help the brain wind down and make your relaxed and comfortable and thus ensure you get good amount of sleep. “SenseSleep” is one of those kinds of apps that teach you some breathing techniques that can lead to good night’s sleep.

Light and Sound Effect

The latest developments in technology have lead to the introduction of sleep inducing light and sound effect device.  The light and sound effect device will stimulate a light similar to what you can see during the sunset and then turn it to bright red and then slowly dims off. The device emits sounds similar to the sound of waves slowly hitting the shore that can help anyone get the much needed sleep. Studies have shown that these devices built on the latest technology to help people get much needed sleep have helped more than 40% people who were deprived off sleep.

Latest advances in technology have given hope to many people who are deprived of sleep to help them understand the importance of remodeling their body and mind so that they can sleep better and be free from health hazards.

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