How technology impacts sleep

Chamomile tea induces sleep hormone that makes a person sleep well. You could do some light exercise, listen to soft instrumental music, take a warm bath, or drink herbal tea before going to sleep.

Additionally, you can keep away from technology and gadgets as they disrupt the sleep patterns. We are dependent on technology. However, during the times of rest, these interferences can be put to rest. The temptation to check social media and put a like on a post can be resisted when you are going to hit the sack.



Keep the melatonin levels high

When you let technology interfere with sleep, it decreases the melatonin levels. Even on a comfortable bed it is hard to fall asleep. Also, when there is too much information that is keeping the mind active, it causes sleep disturbances.

You will have lot of unwanted thoughts running inside your mind when you read or spend time on the computer before going to sleep. The best thing to do is choose an activity that calms the mind, instead of keeping it active. You can as well avoid conversations before going to sleep.


Ways gadgets affect sleep

  • The light that is continually displayed from the LEDs of the gadgets can keep you awake
  • You could also hear beep sounds of popped up emails or messages that can affect sleep
  • Alarm clocks too are considered gadgets that must be kept away from the bed
  • Don’t think you can unwind watching your favorite movie


Beds and bedrooms are not home offices

The urban habit of using cell phones and laptops for chatting, texting, checking emails, makes the bed more of socializing furniture than bed for resting. The whole idea of bed is to give the body a full night’s rest. If you want to find the right size of bed that fits you, you can find more information about beds by doing online research. But, do not do this research while going to bed. Choose a time in the day and learn about the best mattress and bed that suits you and fits your budget.


Restless mind can make you lose some sleep

People, who are compulsive video game players, or those who love watching movies back to back, can find it very hard to fall asleep. Their mind is preoccupied with gaming and looking for good collection of movies. Also, keep the temperature of the room just right enough to sleep. This way you can use technology in a positive way to get some good sleep.

If you really want to check how many hours of sound sleep you get daily, you can use the sleep tracker gadget. Once you get a correct insight about your sleep patterns, you can check and make some changes to the routine to get a full 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep.

Moodiness and emotional states before sleeping

Watching television or any other broadcast on the web can change the sleep patterns. Your mind naturally responds with a variety of emotions to what is being viewed on the television. Though, a few follow the practice of watching something positive or humorous, it is recommended to completely turn down this habit one hour before sleeping.

Children and teenagers too can inculcate this habit, so they wake up early and have better habits. If you watch something that stirs up your emotions in a good way or a bad way, you are likely to stay awake for a longer time. Lack of sleep can not only impact your mood but is also responsible for giving a person weight control issues.

People who want to lose weight, must, especially take care of their sleep patterns. If you want to stay mentally alert and active throughout the day, you must get good amount of sleep. Choose a time for entertainment in the daytime and make an environment of complete silence before going to sleep.



You can cut down the negative impact technology has on sleep patterns by forcing these habits in your daily routine. Though, temptations are hard to resist, you can put a tight leash on using electronic gadgets before going to bed. Do not even answer a call unless and until it is crucial to do so.



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