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How to participate?

  • Simply tell us what your first IT project was and what you’ve learned from working on it.
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  1. Monoo Mankar says:

    My first it project was to make a small java based game with simple java language…. And i have did that… Got 1st prize of 10000 inr. That was my first project.. after that i have learned a lot and now i am pro for making games, programmings and now in animations… I like blender so much… I have liked your fb page but i have no twitter account so sorry for that.. Hope i get it…. Thanks for this giveaway :)

  2. Ummad Ramay says:

    I made my 1st IT project about 2 years ago. I made “inventory control system” for a super store. I use HTML page for data entry and link it with MS Access.

  3. ivelin says:

    My first project was for online mmorpg games – instructions, tutorials and some other useful stuff. It was written in html, css and some javascript. I learned how much fun it is to help other people :)

  4. I-dizajn says:

    My first project was for musiv school, and through it i learned a lot of html and css code also i managed to learn some java and after that i made 10 projects and each one is better than previous!

  5. Adam Wilson says:

    My first project was for a community driven church website

  6. mkanis says:

    my first project was a website for a forum.
    i learned the basics of html and css back then.

  7. msankhala says:

    My first IT project was my college techfest webiste. During this project i learned use of Cpanel. Every feature of cpanel creating subdomains, creating databases and users and much more. Learned ssh to work on remote server.

  8. Chintan Jain says:

    My First IT project was to build up an Online community website for my school. I really enjoyed working on it along with my team mates.

    Things i learn:
    –>team work is the best in the world.
    –>You can’t be an expert in all areas, but you no one can stop you t explore your work in your areas.
    –>At the end of the day, along with work, presentation do matters a lot.

  9. Erwin says:

    Bought a magazine, started reading about making websites and created my first text: Hello World. No CSS existed. It worked and resulted in my first – iframe menu! – website a month later. I was so excited that I’d could invent CSS, but I didn’t. Now I’m damn happy that it exists!

  10. Ashley Nicole says:

    My first project was a webiste for a small custom stationary shop that I worked for while still in college. And I learned that I ought to charge what I’m worth, not do favors.

  11. aditia says:

    A simple drugstore system, using ajax which is really buzzword in that year 2007, I learn many framework from that day php framework, javascript framework which now never used again

  12. Elena says:

    My first web design project was in 2008. I created a website for a friend’s non-profit organization to help her get it off the ground. It was done using html and css and I’ll never forget it.

  13. Rehan Ahmed says:

    Not exactly an IT project, but I started blogging on tech at pro level tech blogs at the age of 14 and wrote a couple of articles everyday after that.
    Currently 15 and still keeping on the good work.

  14. Eric Jensson says:

    My first project was a software for organizing articles for a local store back in 1995. I used Profan, a pascal derivate, in combination with a ODBC-database (don’t know which one anymore).
    It was the first programming-language I’ve learned and I had a lot of fun while doin’ it and confirmed the idea of becoming a software developer. What I did

  15. Adam Wilson says:

    My first project was a community project for a church, i did it for free but got some great publicity for it!

  16. Regginald Kembo says:

    My first I.T project was a 4-tiered application for a medical aid health provider. The application was meant to speed up processing of client claims, manage client medical aid accounts and was also used as a marketing tool. The presentation layer was a web based interface.

  17. Marwane Jaakik says:

    My first IT project a web application to manage a hospital in a city in Morocco. I used .NET and Microsoft SQL Server. I mainly learnt how to create and manage a database for a big project.

  18. Rob Carroll says:

    My first project was for a medical software company right after college. It was a multi-page website for external marketing. I didn’t know html, css, or javascript. I built the whole thing using tables and any time you made an update to the header or footer you had to update every page.