Giveaway 3 Licenses – ArrowChat Live Chat For Any Website

Today, we bring an amazing free offer for our readers, ArrowChat wanted to share 2 kick starter licenses and 1 Premium License with Smashinghub Readers. How about some free stuff to start the day off on a high note?

About ArrowChat


ArrowChat is the best jQuery online chat software to date. From its’ scalability to work on nearly any website to its’ feature-rich options, you’ll be glad to be running ArrowChat. It constantly updating the web chat software to improve bugs, features, and performance.


  • It allow video chat via Flash interface
  • Protected and Full of Features Chat Rooms
  • Applications
  • Manage Full Admin Panel everything within bar.
  • Arrow Chat Store
  • You can apply amazing Templates and Customize ArrowChat

And, best of all, ArrowChat has integrations for many popular apps including forum softwares, social networking softwares and others like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Once installed, the system works with existing users, avatars and profiles.


P.S. The system works with all major browsers including mobile.

The discount

ArrowChat provides 10% discount to all SMASHINGHUB readers who use the coupon code “SMASHINGHUB” (the coupon will expire on 5/31/2012 and Credit/Debit Card must be selected at checkout to use the code -PayPal can still be used with this method-).

How to join the giveaway?

Prizes - 2 kick starter licenses ($45 each) and 1 premium license ($125). Total 3 winners and total giveaway worth is $215

If you want to join the giveaway, you can choose one of the methods below or do both to increase your chances:

  • comment to this post
  • tweet this post (click to tweet easily)
  • Winners will be selected randomly on  April 25 2012 (1 week later). Good luck to all.


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  1. Martin says:

    This would be such a great feature to add to my student-help website !
    Tweeted about it !

  2. Prince says:

    Am I late for the giveaway. Please count me in. Thanks

  3. Chatur Chauhan says:

    Amazing giveaway. This is a perfect app for my website with 1500 members. I have meebo but it is not integrated with the membership system. Arrow chat has wordpress integration, which will seamlessly blend in my site giving the users the best experience. All the best to all participants of the giveaway. JAK.

  4. Pie Kumar says:

    After a thorough search of all the similar chat products I had thought that my last option would be cometchat. However now the sun has shown on me, Smashing Hub has opened my eyes. Arrow Chat is the best chat app available in the earth. All I require now is a pinch of Luck. Please count me in. Much obliged. Thanks

  5. This jquery plugin looks cool and flexible to all platforms.I love to have one.!/malaianna11/status/194406294613016577

  6. Warren Kuan says:

    Yeah, is time for us to grab our winning chance!!!

    Thanks to the Team of SmashingHub!com

  7. Navodita says:

    I have been looking for such an app for so long. Finally my search has ended here. I am very wishful of winning, Please count me in. Thanks

  8. Mailin says:

    A big fan of its integration feature. I have a IPB website and its seamless integration will give me a grate advantage. Please consider me for the giveaway. I am very grateful to Smashing Hub. I have twitted the message at Tons of thanks

  9. E.G. Westra says:

    Count me in.

  10. Sumon says:

    Great application. I would love to win a copy and try their service.!/smseleem/status/193644634696724480

  11. Avdhi says:

    Good piece of software.. Thank you for introducing it to us. Thank you SmashingHub. I looked up their website. I can see they are actively developing it and soon new features will be added. I need this app very badly, please count me in, I am counting on my luck.

  12. Humayun says:

    Very delightful app. I have been looking for a good chat software for so long. I just dont like those irc chats like mibbit mirc etc.. I am thankful that I found this. Hope I am blessed.

  13. Alex says:

    really great, very needful and useful! thanks for this chance! Regards.!/Alex77toy/status/193341386056155137

  14. Thanks for such a wonderful article, this is a very useful & informative, i like your post.

  15. Chandra Mast says:

    This would be very useful for my online community!

  16. Najim says:

    This is an amazing app. The simplicity and quicker loading time are its main alluring points. It would be a great help to my website. Thank You

  17. Karan Peri says:

    We were looking for a chat app and this came along. ‘Topper Learning’ is in.

  18. Rajasekar says:

    Nice one…

  19. Elena says:

    Cool. This seems like a great application. Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. Gary Carson says:

    Very cool, could fit right in on a project I’m working on.

  21. Chad says:

    Perfect timing for this to come out. I am researching chat software platforms to integrate into a new system that will be hitting the market.

  22. Dinsmore IT says:

    Such a great giveaway. Good luck to everyone!

  23. Karan says:

    amazing stuff.
    thanks for the giveaway.

  24. sunilkmadam says:

    Thank for Giveaway.Please count me.

  25. Jesse Lumme says:

    Sweet competition :)