Giveaway: 3 Jumpeye Framework Licenses for Amazing Responsive websites

Are you developing a website and want to see it working properly on any device and browser? Want to impress your users with stylish web design elements that work responsively? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place! Check out this post to see how you can win one of the 3 commercial licences for Jumpeye framework.


What is Jumpeye framework?

Jumpeye framework is a responsive design framework with fluid grid system, a set of JavaScript and CSS files that help you build websites that look perfect on desktop, tablets and smartphones. By using the included CSS grid, UI elements and components you will be able to build stylish responsive websites much easier and much faster.

What is included in Jumpeye framework? The framework has three main parts: fluid grid, UI elements and components.

1. Fluid grid system

The core of the framework is the CSS grid system. Before you start designing your website, you can easily create a grid structure by using the online grid editor on the page of the product.

Fluid grid system

2. Responsive stylish UI elements

Jumpeye framework comes with a huge set of stylish UI elements: buttons, drop down menus, panels, tabs, tooltips, alerts, forms, tables and typography. Each type of UI element has several ready-made skins and they are highly customizable, so it will be easy to select the most appropriate design for your site.

 Responsive stylish UI elements

View these awesome responsive UI elements in action on the Examples page.

3. Responsive JavaScript components

Two jQuery-based responsive components are included in the framework: a photo gallery and an image & content slider. By using these components you can easily create image and content sliders, photo galleries, slideshows or portfolios inside your responsive website built with the framework’s grid.

The photo gallery component provides many features: it can play slideshows, the images can be organized into folders, the content of the folders can be displayed in thumbnail list, the gallery can be shared on the two most popular social networks (Facebook and Twitter), it has an adaptive design to work properly on any device and many others.

photo gallery component

The slider component supports image and HTML content in order to create website headers, tours and presentations, image sliders, banner rotators or any other type of slider.

slider component

View some stunning responsive slideshow and slider demos on the Gallery and Slider demo pages.

Main features

  • Flexible grid structure
  • Responsive design
  • Online grid editor
  • Stylish UI elements: buttons, panels, tabs, menus, alerts tooltips, forms and more
  • Huge set of ready-made CSS classes for each type of element
  • Fully responsive photo gallery component with folder support for portfolios
  • Fully responsive image and content slider component

The Giveaway

Jumpeye Components is giving away 3 Jumpeye framework commercial licenses worth $99 each, which you can use on 100 domains. With a commercial license, the winners can use it on any type of commercial project. All features included!

You can take it for a spin right now by downloading the free version of Jumpeye framework, which is fully functional but watermarked.

How to Win

  • Answer this question in the comment section below: What kind of website are you looking to use Jumpeye? (ex. personal blog, shop, portal etc.)
  • Re-tweet this article and Facebook Like (MUST)
  • 3 winners will be selected using, and contacted by Monitive to claim their prize
  • Contest ends on November 27th, 2012.

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Winners of  This giveaway

  • Jinxya
  • Ganesh Maharjan
  • Dante Mendez

Congratulation above winners, keep trying for the upcoming contest on smashinghub


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