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Beautiful design requires lots of things and the use of appropriate fonts is one of the most important of them.

Yes it’s true that the average person reading your text won’t be aware of the subtleties involved that go in, in the design and creation of a font. But still you should be very careful in selecting the typefaces for your text.

You see an average movie goer doesn’t know much about camerawork but still producers spend thousands of dollars in good cinematography. This is because they know their camera techniques will anyways affect the audience.

Similarly your choice of fonts will affect your readers.

We recommend you use Font Town to download new and free fonts.


What is Font Town

Font Town is a community of font designers and enthusiasts. They offer more than 30,000 free desktop and web font products which can be previewed on the site and then downloaded. Their smart search feature makes it very easy to search and save the fonts you like or simply browse the fonts the way you want to.

Font Town initially began as a side project but has now grown into a small, bootstrapped, profitable company which is helping the font design community of the world to share their talent and their creations.

Font Town today is the go to resource for discovering new fonts and connecting with designers around the globe.


Innovative font search engine

Searching for new fonts on the website is easy and has several options through which you can filter the search results.

The search page of the website looks like as shown below.

font town 1

As you can see there are several options in there. The search bar in the top-left can be used to enter the name of the font you are looking for.

The two drop boxes below it are for filtering the results as per your requirements. The first drop box contains three options which are Relevance, Font Name, and Downloads.

The second box has two options named Ascending and Descending.

The names have their usual meanings.

The top right corner has options for previewing the font with the text you wish to write. You can enter your text there and that text will appear on the different fonts on the screen. The two color options allow you to choose the color of the text and the color of the background on which the text appears.

You can also alter the size of the text by choosing Small, Medium and Large options.

Let me demonstrate this with an example.

I went to the search box and entered the word “Times” there. Then the screen displayed me with fonts which contained the word “Times” in them.

Then I wrote the word “crystal” in the top-right corner. Then for the font I selected a shade of blue and for the background I selected the color black.

The results were displayed as shown below.

font town 2

The website is worth checking out. Go and take a look at it and then let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. Amy S. Lewis says:

    It is an awesome website. So easy to find the fonts I need.