Amazing Minus: Drag and Drop Images to Browser in One Click and Share

I use minus online web app that made me crazy. It is really amazing site and free to use. You just drag and drop an image into the site and it uploads and generates the direct link to it all on its own. It works fast and perfectly and it has an easy to remember URL. Minus is a minimalist design trendy app. Actually, it‘s a simple that a web service needs no instruction.

Minus (Link): Drag Drop images, Photos into Browser to Share, Get Direct Link

Minus is a drag-and-drop sharing system. Drag your pictures (docs, music, videos and other files coming soon!) onto our homepage, and they’ll do the rest. It keeps all images indefinitely unless deleted by the uploaded or if it goes against too. The size limit currently is 10 MB per image and free.

Step 1 ) Drag any image, Document, or music file


Step 2 ) On Drag, Dropping the images, Minus will generate a direct link to that image. Use that link to share the photo, image with people or embed it your blog posts, Webpages etc.


As you can see above, Simply Drag and Drop , Pick the shorten URL or download image within supported formats includes (include JPEG, GIF, PNG, APNG, BMP). this app supports all type of browsers includes Firefox, Google Chrome, IE and Safari for Mac. Some smart JavaScript code manages the uploading, and if you resize your browser then the images get dynamically resized in real time.

You can Edit your Image with Following Features :

  • Name your gallery by clicking on top right “Untitled” button.
  • Change the order of image displays in gallery by dragging image titles on top right up and down.
  • Add more photos into gallery by dragging photos onto gallery page.
  • Delete photos from the gallery by clicking the X icons.
  • Delete the entire gallery by clicking the Trash icon.

It is very simple app; I recommend for using it and sharing your PICTURE (Screen share) or any Document quickly. You can Try and reply us with your feedback.

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