Dealing with a broken hard drive in New York

You have spent the last few weeks working on that book that is going to make you wealthier than JK Rowling. You can practically see them queuing up to write the screenplay already. Then, you accidentally drop your laptop onto the kitchen floor, and the hard drive decides it’s not going to work anymore. Of course, you should have backed up your data, but you were a little too carried away with thoughts of superstardom to remember.

So, what happens now? You can try and deal with the issue, and recover the data yourself. But, there is a good chance that you could make matters worse, and you may never see your data again. Here is some advice about what can cause problems with a hard drive, and why speaking to a specialist is the best idea.

Accidentally dropping a hard drive

Dropping a hard drive can happen very easily. When a hard drive is dropped, it’s possible for the read/write heads to become jammed against the platters. You may be able to hear a noise when this happens, as the read/write heads will struggle to become free again. It may be tempting to just keep trying to power the hard drive up again, but this is not a good idea. You could cause more problems, which makes the job of any professional that you eventually speak to a lot harder.

Damage to the Printed Circuit Board from an electrical surge

If you do not use a surge protector, you run the risk of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) in the hard drive of your laptop being damaged, if there is an electrical surge. You may think that this is not a problem as surely the PCB can just be replaced. Unfortunately, resolving this issue is not that simple. The firmware that is on the damaged PCB needs to be transferred to a new one. This is something that you should really leave to the professionals.

When the motor bearings seize up

We have already mentioned how easy it is for a hard drive to be dropped by accident. If this happens, it can cause the bearings on the motor to seize up. This means that the motor itself does not work and the platters cease to spin. To resolve this issue, the platters need to be removed and placed in a hard drive where the motor is still functioning. The platters need to be protected during the process, and experts know how to do this effectively.

No matter whether you are the next big thing in the world of literature, or a student who needs to recover a term paper, hard drive problems are a real issue. If you need help with recovering data that you cannot access, you should speak to New York’s leading data recovery service. They can put their experience and expertise to use to help you recover data. In most cases, their techniques are successful, so even if your hard drive crashes, the situation may not be as bad as you first imagine.

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