BrowseEmAll giveaway – Free desktop cross browser testing software

Here is a fantastic giveaway for those who are into web development. Due to the proliferation of browsers (IE, Safri, Firefox, Chrome) and mobile devices, it has become a tedious task to test the usability of your client’s or your own websites. Fortunately, there is software to make the web developers’ lives a bit easier. BrowseEmAll is one such software. It is a cross browser testing and diagnostic tool that will shave hours off your testing time. This translates to faster service as well as a better profit margin for the developers.

Today, I am happy to announce that BrowseEmAll has kindly agreed to sponsor 2 giveaway prizes for their software.
These are some of the incredible features you will get to enjoy



Desktop Browser testing

desktop browser testing

BrowseEmAll has made desktop browser testing very easy. No longer do you need to used hosted solutions or virtual machines. Instead, every browser can now be tested via your local machines. BrowseEmAll will help you to keep track of the latest updates so that the latest browser is always available in your local machine. This will make website testing much faster and easier.


Mobile simulators

mobile stimulators

No testing is complete without doing it on mobile devices since we all know web browsing on these devices are becoming more common.  With BrowseEmAll, you get 3 types of mobile simulators including iphone, ipad and android.  Each of these stimulators comes with a both a portrait and landscape mode, as well as the full navigation functions including scrolling and zooming.



side by side comparison

With this feature, you no longer need 4 monitors to see the difference between the four browsers. This side by side comparison allows up to 4 screens to be displayed concurrently so that you can see the difference immediately by a simple scan. Again, this helps to reduce the time needed to do quality checks across all the browsers.


Cross-Browser Reporting

cross browser reporting
This feature is really a time saver. Now, you can know exactly what kind of problem each browser is posing for the website. In one glance, you can see the errors and know where to fix them. Without such a report, you will spend time doing the bug testing for each browser individually.


Prize Details

2 Lucky winners get full featured BrowseEmAll Professional license worth $119 each including 1 year of free updates. BrowseEmAll Professional includes Desktop browser testing and all the features mentioned above.


How to join the Giveaway

  • Leave a comment on this post to tell us know how BrowseEmAll could be helpful for you.

Note : Contest Ends 7 days from the published date.


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  1. ellie lou says:

    BrowseEmAll would save me so much time during the website browser compatibility testing. In fact, I downloaded a trial version of the app and tested it. Got to give 5 out 5 stars. Moreover, it’s less costly than BrowserStack Live. It would be so sweet to win a Professional license.

  2. Sunil Shah says:

    For Testing Purpose. It is very easy-handy stuff to go through all the sites.

  3. Sopheak says:

    I like Desktop Browser testing’s features. It made me easy.

  4. Jerri says:

    I actually just downloaded the 14 day trial copy, then found this giveaway. The mobile simulator and side-by-side comparison would be a fantastic help in ensuring that the sites I develop display correctly on multiple browsers, old and new.

  5. Stfan says:

    A great piece of tool for any web developer. I would use it to test how websites behave on different browsers. This will save time in debugging as all browsers is on one software


  6. Tate says:

    This could help me develop and check the codes for any things to change in an easier way

  7. Carl says:

    Like most webdev’s, BrowseEmAll, would be an excellent addition to my toolkit — would greatly benefit faster and more complete testing of new websites.

  8. Bill says:

    Being able to test different browsers is no longer a “nice to do”, it’s a must do and this would be an excellent tool to validate our design and functionality.

  9. Anish Shah says:

    as a web developer always need to find that site is running properly in all browsers. and for this – one stop for all – browseEmAll Proves to be the best solution.
    Thanx – Count me in !

  10. Francesco says:

    This will for sure help me a lot :D

  11. vhick says:

    For personal experience, tt really helpful because some site are not loading when you use this kind of web engine.

    In developer site, you can easily troubleshoot your website in different browser interface in one program.

  12. Madhu says:

    Looks great.. Hope I will win and make my testing easy

  13. vinay says:

    i open several tabs in chrome & Firefox so with browseemall i can open very easyly

  14. Dante Mdz. says:

    BrowseEmAll will help me to develop webpages more fast without employ differents browsers.

  15. prought says:

    It will be useful to test the new version of the website, which I do.

  16. Kumaran Balachndran says:

    Thanks for this Giveaway… please count me in.. i open several tabs/browsers (chrome & Firefox) to open several emails.. i thing this will help to organize my emails..

  17. Melbourne Seo Services says:

    This looks great,expect me for joining :)

  18. Cool says:

    A great piece of software to test the website easily.
    Thank for the giveaway.

  19. Packetron says:

    I’m always wondering if a page that doesn’t display properly is my browser, my computer (video problems again?), or the page I’m reading. BrowseEmAll lets me try alternative browsers to access the content, and helps me describe the problem to the webmaster.

  20. Donald says:

    Will be very helpful as I now have to load each browser indiviually for testing.

  21. Chris says:

    I work in a software company in europe. And yeah we still use IE8 and my IT Department is not convinced to install IE9 or IE10. I work on Windows XP and I´m pissed because guess what my job is: Online Marketing Manager! I´m responsible for out website and can´t test in the newst browsers. My friends laugh at me, because I have to deploy a feature, wait till the evening, come home, realize what the problem is and try to fix the next day.
    And once again: I work for a software company.

    Even writing this down helped a lot. That for all the great ideas and stuff you provide on a daily base!

  22. Karolina says:

    Would love to win a license for BrowseEmAll, it would speed up greatly cross-browser testing and allow me to do it on a fly why developing. Setting up and switching between Virtual Machines is so slow and tedious!

  23. Rex Louie says:

    i create websites and browseemall can really help out test responsive functionalities and browser testing of my projects.

  24. Abhash Bikram Thapa says:

    I work with nearly half a dozen of websites and all of them are responsive. Testing on every browsers and mobile browsers have always been a pain. Especially the IEs and mobile browsers. Browse em all can save my life. :)
    Hope I win!
    Thanks for the great contest.

  25. Geoff Lockwood says:

    Quick & easy browser testing on 1 machine! Genius!!

  26. Maurizio Pro says:

    I ‘m sure BrowseEmAll will be really nice for testing saving a lot of time without jumping from a browser to another one….

  27. Ali Qayyum says:

    Thanks for all your lovely comments. Keep them coming!

  28. Elena says:

    I think Browse em all would be great for testing. Especially with all of the mobile browsers out there. Thanks for the great contest.

  29. Hasan Yasin says:

    This app is great! There is no need to buy all of machines or emulators. It is easy to test my apps with it

  30. Pablo Lara H says:

    It would be very helpful to test websites with this tool.

  31. victor says:

    I need this app to have peace with my clients regardint their websites made by me.

  32. Sean says:

    I do web development both for my regular day job and as a freelance web developer in my spare time. In both instances I am always needing to test the things I am creating/working on in multiple browsers, including earlier versions of IE. This could most definitely help me out in that regard.

  33. David says:

    Really hope I can win this cuz it will make testing so much easier for me